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#33 - Poetry #2
Posted Thursday, December 17, 2015 // 12:07 AM

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26/2/2015 — Thursday.

the scattered pieces in the brokenness
along with the tearing-throat screams
and the teary-eyes sighs,
oh God when will this end?
why do we apply the glue to mend
things together even when we know it will
break again just before it could dry?
how many times have i fallen as my legs started to take another step as i rise?
i have crumbled my bones.
i have cried a river.
the dust and the tears created a mixture.
for my heart that drowned in it has
become a concrete. harder than rock but
still bleeds when the knife was pushed further in, deeper than it has ever been.
numb is now for all that i can feel.
and still am i the rock that bleeds.

—L.D “from a soul raised by a broken home.”

Carpe Librum, 

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