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❝ to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ❞

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#36 - Poetry #5
written on Thursday, December 17, 2015 @ 12:45 AM

quote, grunge, and sad image

8/10/2015 — Thursday.

i wore the tied up rope across my neck.
it was just a matter of time until i kick the stool
and the world will be pitch black.
but i know. i know that the time has come,
when your arms around my neck feels like
it'll choke me to death if i stay long enough.

i reached the blade to slit my veins open
for all the pains that's weighed down upon me.
i ended up throwing it away because
why would i keep something similar to
your i-won't-leave-you promises that
ended up leaving me with a stained-red
sheet and a bleeding heart?

i drowned myself to fill up the hollows
in my lungs because of your smile.
oh, how much you take my breath away.
but i drained the bathtub when i saw you
in the street with your new perfect girl
wearing the same breathtaking smile.
i no longer care about feeling empty.

this isn't another suicide poem,
it's a story for that has been left abandoned,
unspoken, becoming a screaming voice.
this isn't another suicide poem,
it's a story for that has been left worthless,
empty, that even every heartbeat echoes.
this isn't another suicide poem,
it's story for that has been replaced with
another better, giving it another bitter.

this isn't another suicide poem,
because honey,
not everything is about you, now, could it?

—L.D "loving you was one of the suicide option."

Carpe Librum, 

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