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50. Poetry #7 (part 1)
Posted Monday, February 8, 2016 // 5:00 PM
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pt. I – tell me how do you break the broken.

tell me, honey. tell me.
how can i move on from you
and be be completely healed from the wound,
but the second our eyes collide,
the stars come back aligned.

tell me, sweetheart. tell me.
how can i build the highest wall
and burn all the bridges down
but as soon as you knock on my door,
i let you in every single time.

tell me, my love. tell me.
how can i let my guards down
when you were right in front of me,
standing. just standing.
not even talking to me.
not even looking at me.
yet, i still fall for you again.
like you're the gravity, pulling me down
to the surface of the Earth.

—L.D “how can i love you again when you were the reason to the crack on my heart?”

second part of the poetry will be posted this Wednesday.

Writer's Block sucks,

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