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❝ to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ❞

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51. Poetry #8 (part 2)
written on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 @ 5:00 PM

cages, sad, and truth image

pt. II – how the breaker breaks the broken.

i'm telling you, honey. i'm telling you.
maybe you just turn your back to me,
have yet to move anywhere.
or that you just cover your wounds,
with a bandaid that keeps falling off.
because as soon as our eyes meet,
your heart finds its way back to me,
and your wounds were opened, unhealed.

i'm telling you, sweetheart. i'm telling you.
maybe you did build the highest wall
and burn all the bridges down.
but you threw the keys away,
leaving the front door unlocked.
so when i come back knocking,
you will open the door at ease.

i'm telling you, my love. i'm telling you.
maybe it's not the matter of time
for the wounds to heal nor
how far you've tried to run away from me,
you keep coming back to the same spot,
where you started.

because, my dear,
maybe all it take was the fact that
i have been there before,
that i know how to win your heart back.
maybe all it take was for me to
hit the right spot to lead me back
to the right place.

because, maybe
all it take was the memories
that was ever there and never left.
because you are too afraid to forget.

—L.D “the crack on your heart leaves a space for me to come and go.”

Seize The Words,

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