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Poetry - "the phases of loving you."
Posted Friday, April 29, 2016 // 9:11 PM
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26/4/2016 — Tuesday.

i have never been in love with a moon
more than i do right now
but how did i fail to remember that
there are phases of moon
and when the time has come,
the moon will be completely gone
from the night sky
and all that's there is just myself,
sitting alone in the darkness
with the sound of midnight's silence.

the phases of moon goes from
full moon to half moon;
and half moon to crescent
into a complete darkness.
leaving me with all that familiar feelings;
the same as how your love towards me
fades away bit by bit.
and when it is the time of the month,
the feeling that was there is all gone.

so is there any possibilities
for me to run away from you,
thinking that i've gone far enough?
because don't you remember
that when we were in single-number age,
we always thought that the moon
is following us everywhere we go?

and i ended up running in circles,
as i thought that i have run far enough
i am actually closer to the starting line
than i ever did before.
or maybe i'm just running in denial
because i never want to be
far away from the presence of the moon
and never have i ever want to
lose my sight away from you.

—L.D., "so, please, dear moon, forget to fall down from the sky."

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