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Poetry - "screams left unheard."
written on Friday, April 29, 2016 @ 9:30 PM

girl, water, and sad image

3/4/2016 — Sunday.

we scream louder than the thunder
left us with a burning throat
the truth is, once we've settled down;
none of our voices were being heard.

tears fall down like a heavy downpour,
hidden sobs shake our rusty old lungs.
when the hand reaches to wipe it all off,
the tears were never there;
only the fresh scars that stung.

people watch; but what do they see?
“we're here and so do we care.”
but how much do they really mean?
they all hand us a diamond
that were mistaken for a glass
when they have seen the mess that
they all caused,
they flee away, at last.

how many times, sweetheart,
tell me, how many?
you looked into their eyes
with yours that scream “save me!”
with a smile as sweet as honey,
for they never truly see,
how much you are breaking
holding yourself from drowning
in the depth of sorrow's sea.


accidentally forgotten this one. ugh. 

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