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Posted Sunday, March 12, 2017 // 9:26 PM
first of all, welcome... to myself? to you? idk but welcome to my newly edited blog. hah after all this time i have been having some troubles with editing my blog. feels good to see a new design. i hope you all like it, because i do. and i don't care if you don't. it's mine after all.

kayyyyyy enough with all of that. i just feel like writing something. well, sorry for using you when i am feeling like, dear blog. whatever. i don't know. i don't feel that good. is it because of my hormones? post menstrual syndrome? (wait, is that a thing?) but, all that i know is, i don't feel that good. i feel like i'm kind of disconnected with the people around me, or the world even. i mean i sure i had a dream where i was being sucked to another world, but i tried so hard not to let myself enter that universe. i tried to wake up, and i did. thank god. it happened like few nights ago. i don't know why i'm telling you this or if it has any correlation with each other. it is just that, i don't knowwww it feels different. i can't write like how i used to. is this what is it to feel like being replaced with another you from the parallel universe? can i have my old self back?

aaaa i hate myself.

this post is so raw.

but whatever.

i might as well just off with myself.

SHIT. what if i'm starting to get into that freaking hellhole again? shitshitshitshitshit

don't mind if i do, because all i want to do right now is sleep and sleep and sleep.

i can feel the exhaustion, though. the lethargy. i hate myself.

like i said, this post is so raw.

idk, i have lost all of my words.

thank you. goodbye.

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