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❝ to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ❞

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15. accidental book haul.
written on Friday, December 26, 2014 @ 11:33 AM

good morning, starshine! the earth says HELLO!!! oops, we got some exclamation mark binge over there. if somebody guess it right where that lines are from, imma give you some wonka candies :p i actually was up all night. i was trying to finish up my short story last night but then i wasn't. so i tried to get some sleep but i couldn't.

accidental. yep. that was exactly what happened. i actually bought it two days before, or maybe three. but i don't have the time to put it up on my blog. as though somebody would care lol. but to be exact i was going to do some review(?) as i have finished reading girl online after a few failure attempts on going to sleep. okay, i am not going to tell it now. i think i might post a review on it after i put short story up on my blog. 

REMEMBER WHEN I SAID GIRL ONLINE ISN'T AVAILABLE IN OUR COUNTRY???? obviously i was wrong as you can see in the picture that i have a copy of Girl Online for myself. IT IS HARDCOVER. I REPEAT, HARDCOVER. to be quite frankly, i only went to the same bookstore because the other one was quite far away and my dad wouldn't take me there. i guess that's the reason i didn't know that Girl Online actually available here.

luckily, we went there to fetch my aunt from Singapore and waited for her there. so i excused myself to go to the bookstore, as what i always do. and as i walk swiftly through the store, I SAW GIRL ONLINE SAT NICELY ON THE SHELF AND I KNOW I WAS ABOUT TO LOSE MYSELF BUT I TRIED HARD NOT TO SO I JUST GRABBED THE BOOK ON THE SHELF BECAUSE I COULDN'T RESIST FROM LEAVING IT ON THE SHELF WANTING TO BE READ. only God knew my feeling at that exact moment. THE FEELS. 

and then i went for another stroll to another shelves. and i saw loads of book that i wanted placed nicely on the shelves. like seriously i finally saw DOROTHY MUST DIE. i can't even but seriously who CAN even? i took a closer look and then i saw Popular. and almost went entirely bonkers. i watched polandbananasbooks's video a few days before. she talked about her favourite books of 2014 and Popular was featured in it. and you know what happened next. my lovely aunt bought me these two books (i feel like everything that is featured in my blog is sponsored by her to be honest). it came to my realisation that it is actually non-fiction. a memoir by a 15-year-old girl. WHAT???!!! that's sick, man. my dreams T^T

i seriously couldn't stop myself from showing some affection to dem books #bookrubbing #bookhugging #bookcuddling 

well... that sounds creepy. eeekk! hahaha so i guess that is it for the post.

Carpe Librum,

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