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18. Leaving 2014.
written on Wednesday, December 31, 2014 @ 1:32 AM

hello people. happy new year. it's actually new year's eve but whatever. a year has gone. i dare say that 2014 has been quite a crappy year. but past is past. now, we have to focus on the present and future. the past became our history that nobody can erase. it has became a part of our lives. no matter how bad it is. 

so, as i said earlier that this year has been a crappy year. this is because. my kneecap was dislocated and i went for surgery. yep. don't ask why though. after the surgery, i couldn't walk. and for the second time, i taught myself how to walk AGAIN. of course, i do feel like giving up sometimes but for how long? my favourite quote has became a part of me since that day: fall seven times, stand up eight. and then, i did it. so whatever happens, don't give up. everything will eventually be better, if you keep trying.

and some other time, growing up is about losing people. people come and people go. so do our friends. a larger number group of friends shrunk into a smaller amount. i swear i can only count with just one hand. but that doesn't matter, does it? the number doesn't matter. i am so grateful to have my friends by my side towards the end, through thick and thin. i love them so much, i really do. we are the soul sister, nobody except God can keep us apart, i hope. 

things didn't go bad all the way to the end, for sure. i really had a great time with my friends. we went to Universal Studios Singapore. ahh memories. talking about it, makes me miss it even more. every moment counts, right? not to mention we rode the Roller Coaster {from Mummy} for 5 or 6 times hahah great times :)

yay. {i'm the shortest one}

not to forget i had the best english teacher ever. but she won't be teaching me next year. ah how devastating. my friends and i got along with her so well. i sure am going to be missing her. she really inspires me to write more. also, i have started to blog again. i am really glad i did :) and all of the books that i have read. i am pretty sure i won't be reading as much for next year as i have to focus on my studies even more. wish me luck!

i just hope next year will be much better though not the best. moreover, 2015 is going to be my last year as a high school student and SPM. i feel nervous to even talk about it. i need to stop procrastinating ahh! i don't know i have any resolutions. maybe just stop swearing. but i really need to learn how to organise time.

not to forget, the most devastating news to the world especially Malaysian. my deepest condelences to the families of the victims of MH370, MH17, and QZ8501. it's heartbreaking, really. the most painful goodbyes are the one that are never said and never explained. i always ended tearing up thinking about it. imagine the families and friends that lost their loved ones. imagine being on the plane :'( let's pray for the world.

you'll always be in our memories. 


Carpe Librum, 

photo credits: WeHeartIt.

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