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11. Red Band Society.
written on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 @ 8:09 PM

okay. let's just talk about how amazing this tv show is. i think it's the best i've ever discovered so far. i guess you can tell that i'm a really hardcore red banders right now (fangirl alert). but it's just AMAZING. TOTALLY AMAZING. and it's hard to admit that i like this better than american horror story: freak show. I KNOW. OKAY. i might as well don't really mean it. i might as well do. meh. 

BUT WHAT PISSES ME OFF IS that they say that FOX is going to cancel the second season. like wth????? are u kidding??!!! if you think it's not suitable then don't let it on air in the first place. you seriously got our heart broken real big time there, FOX. disappointed. 

anyways, my favourite character is Charlie. probably Kenji as well. hang in there, coma boy. i couldn't wait for Charlie to wake up. in Malaysia, they put it on air a few episodes later. sucks, i know. but i can't wait until Thursday just yet. 

okay. another story. my laptop is still broken. and that broke my heart too. i wish somebody could just send me one though. which is impossible. so right now, i'm just updating this blog through my phone. yep. the struggle is real. i don't believe that i'm going to sit for SPM next year. oh, how time flies! whew. i really need to study my arse off if i want to continue my studies abroad. yep. big dreams, i know. i might as well wondering how many friend do i have to lose by next year. i hope not as much as this year. 

i think that is it for this post. DON'T FORGET TO WATCH RED BAND SOCIETY. YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD. by me. yes. you won't regret it. trust me. yes, i'm using my veto power for you to watch it. (though i don't have one?)

p/s: pictures credit to weheartit.com 

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