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❝ to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ❞

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25. When Love Collides.
written on Thursday, April 30, 2015 @ 7:43 PM

 She floats through the constellations, waving her tail as though it is a pair of wings. Her electric blue hair fans away as she moves swiftly among the meteors and comets. The sprinkles of dust trails as she levitates in the space. Her beauty resembles the beauty of stars from the earth. Her voice is beyond compare. She can hypnotise anyone when she starts to sing. She is strong like a female warrior. That is what her name means. Bellatrix, the most exquisite space mermaid you will ever see. 

 What the mortals think, mermaids are just a myth. Little do they know about space mermaid? They do exist. The space mermaid are the second most beautiful creatures around the galaxies after the stars. Every galaxy has different types of creatures in it besides space mermaids. Unicorns? Pegasus? Yes, they are real. Just name it all. Although, the beings from different galaxies cannot befriend. It is sort of like the main rule of living in there. 

 Andromeda galaxy belongs to the richest creatures. Most of the livings in it are space sailors. They collects star dusts and the dead stars, then create it into something magnificent. They believe that the leftovers of the world can be changed into something better. Rumour has it that it creates a rock that can combine two galaxies into one. But none of the creatures are courageous enough to do so as they fear of the consequences.

 Then, there goes another galaxy which belongs to the happiest creatures. Every where you go, their laughters will fill the spaces. No emptiness in it. Every star dusts sparkle in every corner of it. Estherella galaxy. Though it may be a quite small galaxy, but still the brightest of them all. This is where Bellatrix lives.

 As Bellatrix is swimming through the spaces, she sees a bright light. ‘The Moon,” she monologues to herself. Beautiful, she is, yet quite stubborn. She swims to the light. At first, she thought that she will bounce back inside. But her thought is wrong, she manages to pass through the layers of the galaxy. It has been so long that she once last visited the moon. The last time was when she was younger, with her sisters. She almost forgotten how beautiful the light of the moon is. There was a lot of other creatures dancing on the moon’s crater. She smiles to herself as she remembers the memory of it. 

 Mesmerising the beauty, she does not realise a galaxy ship is coming nearer to her. It is too late when she finally saw the galaxy ship rushes towards her. The galaxy ship hits her tail that has caused her to fly away from the moon. The sprinkle dusts rain madly everywhere. She strokes her tails hoping that the pain will go away, but her rage is way beyond the limits or her to feel the pain. She has never been that furious before as anybody else has never touch it or even worse, hit it. She swims towards the galaxy ship fastly. She is about to scream something to the galaxy ship when a space sailor comes down from it. She whips her tail back and forth outrageously. Just before the space sailor opens his mouth to say something, their eyes meet. The motion of Bellatrix’s tail slows down and stopped. Her jaw drops.

 Needless to say that, yes, the space sailor is a very good looking gentleman. Being a space mermaid that rarely goes out from their galaxy, Bellatrix is quite stunned when she saw the space sailor. His silver hair falls and covers the left side of his eyes. He shakes it off causing the sprinkles of star dust to fall from it. His face features are structured perfectly. His blue eyes capture Bellatrix’s attention the most. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you were there. Is your tail okay?” he apologises but it barely registers. Bellatrix shrugs, then she remembers that her tail is damaged. She begins to open her mouth but the words cannot seem to get out. She clears her throat, “Oh. It’s fine. Just a little bit of damage but I can fix it later, I guess.” Bellatrix is quite surprised to hear what comes from her mouth. But she just cannot get her eyes of his. Just then, the space sailor gasps when he saw the red star dusts come off from Bellatrix’s tail. “Oh my, I truly am sorry. I can send you to your galaxy. Or maybe send you to the healers. Which galaxy do you live in?”

 “Estherella. By the way, I’m Bellatrix. What’s yours?” Dying to know his name, she now has forgotten the pain that she felt earlier. “Oh, I’m Xavier from Andromeda galaxy. You have such a beautiful name... And face,” his eyes widen as he said that. Probably did not mean to say it out loud. There is an awkward silence for a moment. “Are you sure your tail is okay? It seems bad.” His face shows a sign of guilt. “No, it’s fi-” Bellatrix was about to say but Xavier interrupts her. “Oh wait, I just grabbed some of the dust from the meteorites. It can sure do the heal.” He takes out a dark grey dust from his pocket. 

 He comes nearer to Bellatrix’s tail, “Do you mind?” He looks right into her eyes. “No, n-not at all.” Bellatrix shakes off her head quite hard causing a blue dust rains on Xavier’s hair. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she tries to clean it off his hair. He lets out a small chuckle. “It’s okay.” His dimples are showing and clearly has made her heart dies a little inside. 

 When Xavier’s hand touches Bellatrix’s tail to put some of the healing dust, Bellatrix’s tails changes colour, from purple to red. At the same time. Xavier feels something electrifying inside his stomach. They both know what it means. It is a sign of falling in love. Instantly. Xavier’s eyes meet Bellatrix’s. Both of their eyes light up. Light up with a sense of love.

 That is the start of everything. Every other night, Bellatrix would sneak out from her galaxy to meet Xavier by the moon. The exact place where they met. The exact place where they fell for each other. They will laugh to the silly dancers on the moon. Sometimes Xavier would bring her to the Milky Way. They are the two lovestars, as that what they would call it here instead of lovebirds. They have been together for God-knows how long as the time system in space are way too different compared to the Earth’s time system.

 Bellatrix waits for Xavier by the moon as usual. She can now feel the tingling sensation whenever Xavier is nearby her. She turns around and there, stands a gentleman smiling at her. “So, where are we going to night, Captain?” Bellatrix tries to imitate a space sailor’s voice. They both fall into laughter. Xavier takes Bellatrix’s hand. Then again, a tingling sensation. Bellatrix did not realise until they are floating in front of the Aurora. She is amazed by the beauty of the light. She looks into Xavier’s eyes and smiles. Their eyes light up. 

 “Hey, listen. You do know that I have wished every single stars upon your beautiful existence, right, my love? This is the part where I want to take you back to my galaxy.” Bellatrix stuns as she hears what comes from Xavier’s mouth. He seems really assure about it. So, Bellatrix just agrees with him. 

 They then hop on the galaxy ship. The journey that usually takes for about 25 minutes-in mortal world-now feels like forever to them. They fall in love harder every moment. When they reach halfway, Bellatrix starts to say something that makes Xavier stopped the galaxy ship. “But we’re from different galaxy.” There is frustration in Bellatrix’s eyes. “Don’t you worry, my dear.” Xavier takes out a sparkly and shiny rock. “What is that?” she questions. It is the rock that can combine two galaxies into one. Eyes light up again. Xavier grabs another stone. Following what he heard when he was younger about the legend, he carves the signs of the two galaxies. Andromeda and Estherella. Bellatrix smiles as wide as possible, from ear to ear. 

 Just then, the rock turns into a translucent purple stone. The signs light up just like how their eyes do. Xavier aims toward the moon and throw it. Abruptly, they vanish and come back to their galaxy. Estherella which once was filled will laughter, now just silent. The two galaxies begin to shake. Bellatrix can feel the entire galaxy moves. Fastly. In the other galaxy, Xavier is smiling to himself, thinking that he did the right way. That he is going to be with the star of his life for eternity. 

The two galaxies then collide. There is a moment before everything goes bright. The heat turns up. Bellatrix’s eyes and Xavier's meet. But a second after that, the two galaxies explode. Destruct. Crumble. Collapse. 

 Somewhere on earth, a girl smiling to herself when she sees the shooting star. She makes a wish. But little does she know that she is making a wish over for the death of the loving stars for when forbidden love collides.

hey guysssssss. i haven't been posting since forever. but here, a piece of writing by me that actually won for my back stage SMKPG got talent hahaha yay! i got first place heee i hope you do enjoy it. the space mermaid idea was from pinterest and tumblr so credits to them. 

Carpe Librum,

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