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#31 - rant
written on Thursday, December 10, 2015 @ 12:36 AM

okay, guys.

it is finally time.

for me.


book and teen wolf image

i do not even know what makes me think this is a good topic to talk about. obviously, this will be on lengthy post. GOOD LUCK TO YOU WHO HAS SIGNED UP TO BE WITH ME IN THIS JOURNEY.

what even.

okay, i think i am going to make it less crucial. i do not even know if that is a suitable word that i am looking for right now. clearly, i shouldn't be blogging while i'm half awake. but hey, this is what we call determination.

apparently, i have a lot of obsessions. but i'm just going to make this post about youtube obsession.

why am i using so much space. GOD.

okay so, lately i have discovered something new about me. not really new. but it is growing like a sprout. idk idk. sprout? really? okay, let's just continue with this crap. i am to lazy to press the backspace button. so, half of the post is probably going to be me, talking to myself. huh. bear with me, thanks. as i was saying, i have found myself less interested in watching movies. instead, i prefer to binge watch youtube videos for days. for months. years. centuries. you name it. i do not know if this is something for me to be worried about. i may just need something to talk. or write.

each day, everyday, i will always find an excuse for me to watch youtube video. i can guarantee you that by the time SPM result has come out, i probably have watched all of the videos that has been uploaded on that site.

hey, i have watched a 2-hour video of jackspeticeye's life is strange, okay! don't judge me.i wanted to give a list of my favourite youtubers at the moment but i don't think it's a good idea. it changes most of the time but i never gave up the old one. the obsession just grows bigger and bigger. like an infection. what a great metaphor, liyana. i deserve a round of applause, guys. please lah.

i seriously don't know why am i making this post. i just feel the need to write something cause i want to get something out of my mind. whatever the something is, it surely bothers me.

sorry for ranting.


bye again.

don't miss me.

thanks for reading.

sorry for wasting your time.

i promise i will write something good later.



do excuse that, this post was originally entitled obsession. but i changed it to youtube obsession. and considering the fact that i was ranting most of the time, i change the title to what is it now. so, there goes the history of the tile of this post. 

Carpe Librum,

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