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44. Birthday Wishlist.
Posted Thursday, January 21, 2016 // 10:15 PM
before any of you feel obligated to buy me a present after reading this, stop it right there. this is just me trying to talk about things that i love. i mean, it's okay to dream right? before the dream comes to life, i might as well going just talk about it. well, kata-kata tu satu doa. katanya, lah.

first of all, i have finished two books today, Allegiant <--- i went through one of a hell for this book and Mereka which i didn't expect would be such a quick read for me. my reading speed is getting faster and faster. probably my comprehension is getting better. idk all and all, that gives me one of a reason that has occur to why this blog post is kind of a quick post and a late post. lol soz.

as my birthday is getting closer, i.e, in just exactly a month from now, i am here sitting, writing and wishing simultaneously huahaha. okay. but before any of you could say anything, this is just for fun. because as i have said this for a bazillion times already, i love to talk about things that i love.

so let's go through the list now, shall we? we shall? okay.

1. IPhone 6 (any kind, i don't mind as long as it has more than 16GB storage)

one's wishlist wouldn't be complete without this thin, rectangular thing that has conquered every one of us who is living in this world right now. am i right, laddies?

iphone, apple, and flowers image

2. DSLR Camera (Canon)

this thing has been in wishlisht since i was 13. lol i was so obsessed with photography back then. i remember that i used to have a photographer as one of my ambition. and believe it or not, i'm quite good at this photography thing. 

canon, camera, and photography image


i used to have an organ. not organ as in body parts but the musical instruments that's kinda like keyboard. but it wouldn't produce any sound and that's sad lol. 

amazing, I Love You, and tumblr image

4. ukulele

what is with me and these musical things? haha but really. i have fallen in love as soon as i started to strum those strings. to be exact, it was my friend's, so... 

guitar, purple, and tumblr image

5. books

well, it wouldn't be the perfect birthday wishlist if i do not include books. but to be exact, i want those YOUTUBE BOOKS. because it is just so expensive and hard to find. 

so that's that for now. i guess? but yeah................... this is awkward and i do not know why the hell it is. so bye.

Carpe Librum,


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