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48. people change.
written on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 @ 4:00 PM

all of you might think this is going to be a deep post. HAH GOTCHA! it's not. but whatever, it's not that important if my blog post going to be deep or not. but if any of you follow my social media, you might know what the heck is going on.

okay, so here's the beginning of the story. like really beginning. not like yesterday kind of beginning. hahaha okay what am i talking about ugh. anyway, i am like one of a hella potterhead. and you know, all the potterheads and their hogwart houses. the first time i became a potterhead, i couldn't decide what house i want to be in. either slytherin or ravenclaw. but i think i was drawn into ravenclaw more than in slytherin. plus, i felt like slytherin didn't really suit me. after i did a few online quizzes (not pottermore), i got ravenclaw most of the time. one day, i decided to sign up for pottermore and started to do their sorting hat quizzes. and i finally get the result that i least expected that i'd be in. i was sorted into Hufflepuff.

you know what all people said about Hufflepuff, i started to doubt that I am a Hufflepuff. i had a few emails (more like a ton of email accounts), so i began to create a few pottermore account just to do the sorting hat quizzes. and i still got hufflepuff, and also ravenclaw and slytherin (but i don't think i was being honest). so yeah, since that day, i began to accept that i am a hufflepuff and tried to embrace it. and i did. HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE ALL THE WAY, i tell ya. the more i learn about it, the more i discover that i suited hufflepuff more than any other houses. especially not Gryffindor. i am nowhere near a gryffindor.

so, as any of you potterheads know, pottermore has been updated (i guess). the page has been updated in a neater version. idk. i've heard that some of them who had a pottermore account did the sorting hat quiz and got sorted into different house than they did before. so, being curious as i always am, i decided to log into my account, but then it said that i can create a new account or something like that. and i did. i create a new account and did the sorting hat quiz. well, i have always expected that i am a hufflepuff. but as soon as i click the button to get the result, i clearly did not expect what house that i'd get sorted into.

this was my reaction to it;

close enough.

(okay, but i am not even kidding.)

i totally didn't see that coming because to be fair, the questions were the same as before. so i was hoping a yellow background with a happy badger will wait for me with a warm-welcoming message and "CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING SORTED INTO HUFFLEPUFF" BUT NOOOO I AM WRONG. INSTEAD, A GIANT SERPENT WITH A GREEN BACKGROUND WAS WAITING FOR ME "SURPRISE BITCH I THOUGHT YOU WOULDN'T SEE THIS ONE COMING HISS HISS MADA****"

i am dead. 

BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG. it's not like i have anything against slytherin or what. in fact, as i said earlier i wanted to be in slytherin. it's just that i am used to being a hufflepuff, and i expected for it. what an awkward transition, that is. so i began to look around the hashtag of pottermore on twitter and lot of them are facing the same thing. and there was one of the tweets that pottermore replied to and it said that they didn't change anything about the sorting hat system. but people change. and that is how i realised...

as a matter of fact, pottermore is quite true actually. i think i am changing. as for my mbti test that i took, i used to be infj. but now, i am an infp. lol. i used to be a nice person. like i was nice to everyone and even though i don't like them, i will still treat them politely. OKAY, BUT NOT LIKE I AM NOT NICE AT ALL NOW. but these days, i have been a cold-hearted bitch for some reason and push away the people that i don't feel like i want to be close with (not that i'm saying all the slytherins are cold-hearted but they seemed to be portrayed that way). i can see that i am changing. lol. this is getting serious. ahh. okay, i'm scared. okay, maybe i am a slytherpuff now. 

also, the slytherin common room is sick. i mean, look at that.

but i think, ravenclaw has a nice common room as well. 

well, then. i am now slytherin and i am going to get used to it. i am kinda excited now to be fair. i mean, i am now closer to my boyfriend, draco malfoy hahaha. but i don't know. it's so scary to acknowledge that i am changing to a different person. lol whatever. i can be kind and mean at the same time. i think that i am just being cold, that's all. aha. okay, funny how i can write a long post about being sorted into different house lol. i took this thing seriously. well, whatever. i don't care what you're going to say cause no one ask your opinion, you filthy little mudblood. i really am taking this seriously. am i okay aha. maybe i need to do a divergent test to see if i am still a divergent of amity and abnegation or not. aha. goodbye. 

All Was Well,

UPDATE:: took the divergent's aptitude test. i got the same results as before. aha. 

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