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56. life update
written on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 @ 2:27 PM

hello? i guess? god, i haven't updated my blog for what it seems like, centuries. i was feeling so unmotivated. i do have a lot of things to talk about but i don't seem to have the motivation to put into words. a lot of things has happened this few weeks. one of them is i got my SPM result. i got 4A2B1C2D. don't ask. but gladly, luckily, i got A+ for my english. couldn't be happier. i do not have anything to complain about my results, really. i am really grateful with what i have been given. but it seems like some of them are not satisfied with it. why do they have to make me feel like i am being less ungrateful? ugh.

so i don't really have any topics to talk about today. so i will just rant out my thoughts at the moment. actually, i am updating my blog in my old school. i was supposed to assist my teacher for the public speaking audition. but the teachers are having meeting, so it got cancelled and i am already in school. well, at least, i am not sitting on bum at home, doing nothing aye? but i am actually doing the same thing, only in different location. 

i was thinking about where am i going to continue my studies. in which field? should i enter form 6 or should i continue with foundation regarding my English result. i don't want to waste it. so i don't know. not to brag, but i was one of the A+ students for english. there were only 2 A+ students aha. so yeah. that is why i said that i don't want to waste it.

also, i feel like i want to write a book. right now. not even in the future. but like right now. is that normal? but then again, in liyana's life, what is normal?

Life Updated,


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