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❝ to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ❞

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12. must-watch movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
written on Friday, December 5, 2014 @ 6:28 PM


honestly, i spent for about half an hour writing this blogpost and it's gone.

so let's just start again. 

great movie. 
great plot. 
great soundtrack. 
beautiful set up. 
great filmography. 

i am going to give this movie 7/5 stars. round off applause to Ben Stiller. he made a great adaptation for a movie based on a short story written by James Thurber. i seriously didn't hear a lot of people talk about this movie. when it first came out on cinemas i saw a tweet from a guy and he said that it was a great movie. at that time, i wasn't that interested to watch it. obviously because i have never seen the trailer before UNTIL last two or three weeks. the trailer came out as i finished watching Saving Mr. Banks (i guess), which also a great movie. it captured my attention as i instantly heard Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men (an Icelandic Indie Band which is my favourite). but OH MY GOD what would you feel if a song from your favourite band just played on tv and the best part is, it is featured in a trailer and as a soundtrack for the movie as well? do you feel me? DO YOU FEEL ME?  only God knew how hard i fangirled. 

a second after that, the movie was already on my must-watch-movie list. not just because of the soundtrack, but the trailer captured my heart as well. so i went on the tv guide to record it so i won't missed it. i feel blessed because i have discovered such a great movie. well, who doesn't? it is such an inspirational movie. i feel that this movie was underrated so anybody who read this post really need to watch it. yep, this is me persuading you to watch it. 

as a day dreamer myself, i feel that this movie is amazing. it doesn't have much dialogue but still a great movie. it shows how easily the day dreamer got distracted. as for you who doesn't day dream a lot, you might think that this is a boring movie. because of your lack of imagination, not the lack of dialogue. eek, sorry. 

i still can get over how amazing this movie is. the dedication of Walter Mitty in that movie amazed me. i don't want to go further into the plot because i know how bad does it feel to read a spoiler before watching it or reading it. to the non-day dreamers, open up your mind and watch this movie. to the day dreamers who haven't watch it, where were you? (though i was late as well.)

so yeah... watch it. 

p.s: you will find me talking about this topic a lot. not only about movies, but tv shows, books, music, fangirl stuffs, teen talk, etc. i find it very interesting to share my opinion in a blog post (because nobody really listens to my opinion that much). Zoella really inspires me though. 

also, i have done a touch up on this blog a little bit. i might do an extreme makeover on it once i got a new laptop (if only i got one). i used Yasmin's laptop but only after i finished up the power point presentation that i spent hours on looking for information—and now i have a back ache. anyways, sorry for rambling. i have a trouble sleeping this two days. also, sorry in advanced for the terrible grammars or tenses or the sentences structure. 

not to forget that i have been working on a new short story. stay tuned ;)

—ground control to Major Tom.

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