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❝ to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ❞

recent update :

14. SSUP
written on Thursday, December 25, 2014 @ 1:47 AM

HELLO. in case any of you were wondering (which is a big no), i have already got a laptop. yep. and it's yellow. MAY GOD BLESS MY AUNT. MAY GOD GRANT HER PARADISE. so get ready for frequent updates. also, i have edited my blog. which look ridiculously plain. just like me. i was planning to update a review about burn for burn trilogy but then i don't feel like it. i just want to talk because i have been feeling a bit dull and empty lately. and much easily irritated. so i would probably update again tomorrow or whenever i'm feeling to.

recently, i have been addicted to Animals by Maroon 5. i actually am listening to it right now. on repeat (especially when Adam howls). i also just realised that i have been listening to maroon 5 since i was 5 or 6. my favourite song by them at that time was She Will Be Loved. don't get me wrong but that song is my favourite song still. ahh memories. but seriously though.... Animal's music video is WILD AND AMAZING. hahahahah Adam is so hot. Behati is so lucky to have the sexiest man alive as her husband though.


Κασετόφωνο | via Facebook

i don't know why but the emptiness is filling me up. it is like i'm tired of having feelings. i'm actually feel so sorry to everybody who is closed to me. i don't even know how to express it into words.

so i guess i need to continue doing my short stories. 

Carpe Librum,

omg. i have a watermark(?) mark? idk but it's cool hahaha. photo credits to WeHeartIt

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