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19. Favourite Books of 2014.
written on Friday, January 2, 2015 @ 3:01 AM

hello, dear people. to whom it may concern, today i'm going to talk about my favourite books of 2014. the one that i read in 2014, not the one that was published in 2014. i have chosen 10 books instead of 14 because.... it's so damn hard, really. i am blasting to my favourite ever song {strange - tokio hotel ft. kerli} while updating this blog. but they don't have strange in spotify which annoys me because i can't autoplay it. i have been listening to this song on repeat for the past few days. like seriously. also, i celebrated new year with watching suicide room {also my favourite movie}. because i have a life, duh?

but today, i'm not going to talk about my favourite movie nor song. instead,i'm going to talk about my favourite books as i mentioned it earlier. but i won't be talking deeper about the plot kayyy. here's a little sneak peek of my favourite books of 2014. 

so let's start with the 10th place.

10. Tape by Steven Camden. 

okay. first and foremost, this book is very light-hearted. i love how the two characters are connected though it is not in the same generation. i love the 'romance' in this story because it's not very heavy. i don't really like romance book that much idk why. {which in this case, i love looking for alaska more than the fault in our stars} and i cried reading this book but not when i read the fault in our stars. yes.  my emotion is weird.

9. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg.

i said that i'm going to do a review of this book but then i changed my mind. i think this is sorta overhyped book. but still it's good. it's not as good as i expected it to be. also, i've heard that this book is ghost-written which i don't know if it's true or not because when i read it, i feel connected to Zoe. the book is so her. i still love Zoe no matter what though. but i do like the concept of it. a blogging concept. she also did a great job putting anxiety into words. i like the characters, especially Elliot. he is really an amazing friend anybody could ask for! i wish i have him in real life though. he helped Penny so much, especially on the flight. but i really like this book. SO MUCH. 

8. This Star Won't Go Out by Esther Grace Earl.

this is a non-fiction, a biography by a cancer patient. a story by a very strong girl indeed. unfortunately, she passed away. it's a story about her life being a cancer patient. reading it, i can feel the struggles and the pain. she was also an amazingly beautiful writer. it's a very heartfelt story. Esther Earl: this star won't go out.

7. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

this. book. is. life. i am a fangirl so i can relate to the character so much. SO MUCH. i feel like i am Cath without the twin part. from the introvert version of herself to the ultimate fangirl. hahaha. also, levi is so freaking cute. i imagined Andrew Garfield as Levi ahhh <3 i can connect to the character so well. 

6. The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider.

i saw the book in Ingrid's favourite video. she featured the book in it. after that, i knew that i need to buy this book and read it. i instantly fell in love with this book. SO MUCH. it's beautifully written. the writing, the storylines, the ending. though the ending is kind of heartbreaking. my favourite part is the firework part. i almost cried when Ezra's dog was eaten by the coyote though.

5. The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester.

OKAY. THIS IS A MIDDLE GRADE BOOK BT WHATEVER. still this is the best middle grade book i have ever read. it's kinda like younger version of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, but i like this better. maybe because i read this before Miss Peregrine's. i find it way too deep for a middle grade. but for every words that i read, i fell in love with it, deeper and deeper. 

4. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

this book hit me like a truck. this is my kind of book. i write stuff like this. i can give you 13 reasons {..or even more} reasons why to love this book. seriously though. it captured me in every way. if you read this book, don't forget to listen to the tape in Youtube. especially the last tape. i wasn't expecting that really. 

3. Popular by Maya Van Wagenen.

okay. this is another non-fiction that i read this year. I LOVE IT. and this book is written by a 15-year-old girl. i cant even.... that's amazing. she's so lucky to have such an opportunity. she, too, is an amazing human being. i am amazed how can a 15-year-old girl do such thing. basically, it's about a girl who was a social outcast but then she found this book, which was written for about sixty years or so? i don't remember. anyways, the book is about how to be a popular. and she actually did {surprisingly} become popular by following what the book said. rules meant to be break sometimes. status quo doesn't mean anything anyways. believe in what you believe. 

okay. here comes the first runner-up. *drum rolls*

2. Burn for Burn trilogy by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian.

SURPRISE HAHAHA the trilogy is probably going to be the first if i didn't read Harry Potter last year {spoiler alert!}. it's well written. beautifully, indeed! the cliffhangers really killed me. i died too many times throughout finishing the trilogy. i even cried from the beginning to the end. almost entirely. i'm so in love with Reeve. i could've repeat the book if i hadn't had another book to read. seriously, amazing. round off applause to both of the incredible authors. you guys did such an amazing job.

okay here comes the first place...


what a surprise, really! whew. yes. to whom it may concern. i read the series for the first time last year. i seriously had abandoned the existence of it. and of course, constantly regretted it. {blame my mom. she said that Harry Potter is not a good movie}.  but of course, the whole credit goes to J. K Rowling. i don't really have to tell much about the stories though. it's just MAGICAL. *raises wand* i have 4 pottermore accounts. and that is because i want to know if i actually belongs to the house i am in. the first one is hufflepuff. and after that, i got ravenclaw and slytherin. and the last one is, hufflepuff. so i guess i really am a hufflepuff. No Ragrets. hufflepuff's common room is near the kitchen okay. there is just no way that i'm going to be in gryffindor. but yeah. i couldn't describe into words how much i love, adore [inserts every words with the same meaning as admiration] this series. although i'm late. but you can never be too late, right? better late than never. yup yup. 

honestly, i would freak out about Harry Potter right now but i'm trying so hard to control myself. fangirl problems. potterhead problems, mostly. hahaha.

so that's it. my top 10 favourite book. i hadn't read so many books last year. but still the most throughout 16 years of my life. i don't think i will ever read more this year. i have to focus on my studies first. but that doesn't mean i can't buy it though, am i right? ;) to whoever that reads, don't you ever stop. if any of you wondering {which in my case, there's probably not} what Carpe Librum means, it means seize the book. so go on, seize the book <3

Carpe Librum,

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