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21. it's okay not to be okay.
written on Saturday, January 17, 2015 @ 12:07 AM

Big girls cry

is it okay not to be okay? 

we are humans. we have mixed feelings. we have our ups and downs. so it's okay not to be okay. feel however you feel. cry your eyes out, if that'll make you feel at least a little bit better. other people can't tell what we should happy. we don't know what awaits in the future. we won't always be happy. we could be happy today, but completely miserable the next day.

you should be grateful 

you have everything, what do you mean you're not happy?

you shouldn't be sad, there's other people who have it worse.

STOP! you're making it worse.

ill be okay

it's normal to feel down sometimes. we're human after all. so stop telling people to not feel sad because they have a better life. shut up. you are not them. you are you, and your life is different from other people. we already have enough days of wearing mask to cover up the sadness, to hide our feelings by faking a smile. isn't it ridiculous? like we are not allowed to feel other things other than happy. screw what other people who told you what to do or what to feel. they are not walking in your shoes. 

we sure can be happy again. of course, we can. we will always try our hardest to be happy again. sing your favourite song out loud. draw what you feel. reread your favourite book. take a walk in the park. dance your heart out (though you don't know how to dance). do more of what makes you happy. even if it's just a little thing. sometimes the little things can make us the happiest. still, it's hard to feel okay again after spent most of our times in darkness. but eventually, we will find the light. it's up to us, it's our choice to choose if we want to be happy again or vice versa. 

You the only person alive who holds the key to your healin'.

ignore what other people say. they don't know a thing about us. and they barely knew what we've been through. of course, there's a lot of other people who have it worse, but different people have different capabilities. our mind can cope different things. if you're happy then you're lucky but you don't have to say mean things to others. just because you're happy, you can let other people down. 

heh. i don't know why. i just got an idea for a blog post when i was listening to who you are by Jessie J. the title is from the lyrics. sorry for a short (kind of) blog post and sorry if any of these are a bit harsh. if you don't agree with what i said, it's alright. we have completely different opinion.anyways, i think i'm going to make a short fanfiction ;) idk yet. but i already have the ideas though! so wait for it :D

to those who are happy, stay happy and be happy that when other people look at you, they'll feel happy as well. to those who are not, darling, you'll be okay. you can make through this. you are strong. there is a brighter day for us, it just come out a little late because it'll be the best day for us <3

the rainbow always comes out after a long and heavy storm. stay the strongest version of you.

Carpe Librum,

photo credits to WeHeartIt.
and some of the words are lyrics heheh <3

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