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❝ to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ❞

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23. Poetry #1
written on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 @ 10:13 PM

little do you know, how i'm breaking while you fall asleep?
i am wide awake, staring at the ceiling, burning holes through them. my eyes linger closely on the cracks while i hear my heart is slowly breaking, close to crushing, to crying. as the breaking does its job, the numb feeling that i feel in my skin slowly increases. 

little do you know, i'm still haunted by the memories?
in my mind, those memories we have created together wouldn't stop telling me that i miss you like hell has been opened again. but the voices in my head, oh how they sound like you, paraphrasing the last word you ever said to me, giving the chills down my spine, the same feeling that i got when i first heard it. it's echoing in every parts of me. 

little do you know, i'm trying to pick myself up, piece by piece?
from the heart, now i can feel it starts to breaking in my bones, in my skins, in every places that your hands have ever been. i'm screaming so loud, yelling “HELP ME, I'M SHATTERING,” so very loud, but you still can't hear me. because your screaming voice in mine has overshadowed my own. 

i loved you but you break me

little do you know, i know you're hurt while i'm sound asleep?
i saw your crying face, flashing in my vision every time i close my eyes. the uneasiness and the guilts are conquering me inside and out. and now i can feel the cut is getting deeper each time i try to move. it almost feel like a stab. 

little do you know, all my mistakes are slowly drowning me? 
i have made you cry for me, even bleed for me. and all the tears and blood are because of me. now they have created a sea inside, slowly but surely is raising up. i can barely breathe. so i gasped. motionlessly sinking at the bottom of my own fault. 

little do you know, i'm trying to make it better, piece by piece?
have you not yet realise that i'm saving you? you could've died if you stayed longer. now i'm putting back together the broken pieces of you. i'm filled with the cuts, i deserve it. despite of what have i done, the cuts aren't enough. my love, please don't come near me. so then i'll be missing you, so i can slowly die for what i did to you. 

i loved you so i break you

helloooooooo guysssss. hehehe. i haven't post quite awhile (at least for me). sorry, but i've been quite busy. furthermore, i don't know what should i post. i wanted to do a january favourite but idk what mine was hahaha (i'll try to recall). ALSO, i can't assure you when will i post the short fanfiction because i havn't continued writing it yet. i already have the idea for the ending. i just really need to work for it. so in the meantime, i create a poem which i rarely do. so if i have any error, please forgive me. this poem is inspired by a song, Little Do You Know - Alex and Sierra. i know it's like freaking LONG, but bear with me :p i hope you like it ♥

Carpe Librum,

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