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#38 - dear people
written on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 @ 5:41 PM

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dear people in the world,

i know all of you are, indeed, a very nice person. you feel obligated to make other people feel good about themselves. so, just like how we usually do, we compliment each other. but there is one thing that bugs me A LOT. i mean there is nothing wrong if you want to compliment each other. but there are WAYS to do it. and one of them is...


for an example;

 "curvy girls are better than skinny girls."

"you are beautiful if you don't have thigh gap."

"you are better than her. she is ugly."

"have you seen yourself inside the mirror? at least she's skinny."

"don't worry about it. she's stupid unlike you."


um, i mean... how does that can make other people feel better? probably, there sure are people actually do but not to me at least. why do you think it is appropriate for you to offend people to make other people feel good about themselves? not to say that i am such an angel. in fact, i, too, sometimes probably do that. guess what? i am flawed. but i have been trying to teach myself to keep the bad only to myself.

i know you do not mean it that way. we do not usually realise that some things that we have said can be hurtful towards others. that is why, it is crucial for us to think before saying something. because most of the times, everything sounds better in our head before we say it out loud. 

it is just the same when your parents compare you to other kids. except of course, that is less obvious. most of you hate that, yes? so does in this situation or any other situation. comparing other people by offending is never a good idea. just like when we compare two rocks. they are rocks. yes. but are they in the same shape? no. just like us, we are different in all sort of ways either clearly be seen or vice versa. okay so now i am comparing you guys to a rock, because you guys' hearts are hard like a rock, you heartless bish sorry.

i know some of you will say "but s/he's a bad person. s/he deserves it." honey, no matter how bad mannered that person is, they don't deserve to be treated that way. nobody does. i always believe that we have to be nice to people even if they are not nice to you . (lame, i know.) but how can we make this world a better place if we keep hurting each other (physically, mentally or emotionally)? i know it's hard. but we are all still trying. nothing is easy right? people might not treat you as nice as you treat them, but hey? what do we have to lose? nothing. being good doesn't make us lose anything. in the end, we are a part of a good in the society at the very least. and that is very much needed these days.

all in all, it all worth a try. always be kind. of course you can compliment each other without offending people. or maybe we can just try to learn not to judge people. 

 "curvy girls are better than skinny girls."
curvy or not, you are still beautiful. 

"you are beautiful if you don't have thigh gap."
do you have thigh gap? cool.
 you don't have thigh gap? also cool. 

"you are better than her. she is ugly."
you don't have to be better than her, you are you. 
just be you, that's enough.
you have your own kind of beauty. 

"have you seen yourself inside the mirror? at least she's skinny."
have you looked into the mirror? 
that is one masterpiece that God has created. 

"don't worry about it. she's stupid unlike you."
you think you are stupid? 
my love, your intelligence shouldn't be measured by your grade. 
also, we all have different things that we are all good at. 

it is hard, i do realise that. but i am not telling you to change overnight. just try a little bit at a time. not drastically. hard as it may seem, you will see the good results by the end of it. and never, never ever forget to say sorry if you did something wrong. we all make mistake. we are all merely humans. that is it, i am hoping that i have opened your mind or at least make you realise something about this post and try to make a change.  i do not mind if you do not agree with me but this is just my opinion and my thoughts that i decided to put it into words without offending other people. i would like to apologise if i hurt other people with my words or ever be mean to. 

remember, the world that we are living in has already enough of unkind people in it. a little bit of good people in it surely wouldn't hurt as much as killing people :)



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