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40. Monday Blues: rambling
written on Monday, January 11, 2016 @ 11:03 PM

cat, blue, and gif image
the cat says hi. i lied. cats can't talk. the cat just said meow. awkz.

that is it. i am going to call my monday's post as monday blues HAH but most of you might have thought that i am going to complain everything about monday. instead, i am going to post some positive stuffs on monday to spread some positive vibes. yeah right. i might going to complain about something on the inside in about two minutes from now. not that you guys know mueheheh k i'll try my best not to, okay?

okay here is the plan:

i am going to post at least 2-3 posts a week. and my plan is that i am going to have friday as my #fangirlfriday section since i have been wanting to talk about my favourite youtubers and fictional characters and stuffs. yo, how cool is that? SO COOL. but might be so lame to most of you. god, i am such a freak. oh yeah and and andddd i am going to have a section every first week of the month called Friday I'm in Love and i will be talking about my favourites for the month before that. get it? does that make any sort of sense at all? it is kinda like all the beauty gurus do in their channel but instead of beauty stuffs that i know nothing about, i am going to be talking about things that i know. i don't want to be some beauty gurus wannabe or something like that. so not cool.

sounds like a good plan, eh? but let's see how long will it last until we will all laugh about it by the end of this month. hah.

the thing is i really love blogging because i just can write stuffs and ramble about a lot of things. fun fact: i have been blogging since 2011. my first url was block-my-blog.blogspot.com HAH HOW LAME. i was 13 years old back then. mind you, i was good at writing but the editing bit was... very... i don't know. ew? i remember that i used to have a bright purple background. ugh. and a lot of highlights and colourful text and also "fancy" fonts. ugh. i cringe to the thought of that. ergh.

and by the time i was 14(?) i guess... i began to become better at editing. i knew how to edit html and stuffs. but by the time i was 15, i was busy with being 15 LOL and i abandoned this blog for quite a long time and i decided to come back last year. and now, here i am. blogging some random stuffs.

to be true, i was actually inspired by zoella, poppy deyes, hannah maggs, velvetgh0st and a lot of other bloggers that write really good posts. and here i am, doing the opposite of that. i will try my best to improve my writing. i can feel like my writing style is so messy and IT HURT *miranda's voice*

sometimes i think that maybe i do this because i really wanted to make a youtube video BUT i am just awkward and don't have confidence and everything that's bad hahaha. wait. i was supposed to spread some positivity ah danggit. never mind. i am a human. okay, continue... see, i kinda make my blog like a youtube account with all the favourite stuffs and sh--akalaka~ and i like it. i love how it is now. i'll try to make it better though.

okay, move along. let's talk about last week. how was yours? mine was the best i could ever ask for. and today is also a good, good day that i need to remember when i have a bad day. last week, i had a sleepover with my best friend for two days. i've learned how to play ukulele and now i need to put ukulele as one of my birthday wish list that is only known by me hah. might make a post about it later because why not. it is just fun. talking about something that you love. the love towards it will just grow, am i right laddies?

so yeah, we watched a lot of youtube videos and movies, of course. a sleepover cannot be done without movies. we even stayed up all night, cracking up to tyler oakley's video. not to forget mytoecold's. god, i just love youtube. thank you to the Creator that created the creator that has created youtube. haz. and we watched the saddest movie ever. we even held each other and bawling our eyes out. it was rather horrid, i tell you. as for today, i went out with ma galz da soul sistazzz ah yiss~ we just hang out together since the school is over and we haven't been seeing each other for a long time. all we did was eat. and eat. talk talk talk. laugh. eat. and go back home to our natural habitat with our natural habit of doing nothing and being lifeless on repeat day by day until the day our results come out. hah. sad, sad. i know. but oh well.

whew, do i ramble about a lot of things. so yeah. i hope it worth the read. thanks for spending your time reading this. love yaaaa *sends a virtual hug - but to the girls only* see you in the next post for this week. toodles~

Carpe Librum,

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