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41. back-to-school advice
written on Thursday, January 14, 2016 @ 11:17 PM

waddup? i'm back. i'm back. i am back with my so-called back to school advice(s). not to say that i am expert at this or what but this is based on what i learned during my whole life at school. but mind you that it might be going to be some kind of like high school's advices because i have to say that i cannot even remember what happened during my primary school hahaha. i need to fix my memories like seriously.

school, cry, and die image

okay. i know all of you hate school to death that you wish you could burn the school down so you won't have to be attending it any longer. trust me, i felt the same way when i was in your place. we do all agree that school is tiring and all but when you have ended high school, you would want to go back to school. however, not because we miss homeworks or whatever that is related to studying. instead, we just miss being with our friends and having to meet them five times a week or even more. but when you have ended high school, you probably might not even get to see some of your friends because they are too busy to prepare for the real world. 

okay, so here are some few advices that i could give to you. but that doesn't mean that i am saying that i am right. (but i am neither wrong). we are just entitled to our own opinion so...

1. when it comes to friend, you have to know and understand it really well that your friend that you have been sitting together with since the first year of school, won't be there standing by your side when you are graduating. but don't get me wrong. i am not saying all of you will be experiencing the same thing. but people come and people go. so you can't expect them to stay the same place where they are when they were at the beginning. 

especially. ESPECIALLY. when you are entering the real high school, i.e, when you are entering the Fourth Form, which i had to say was the toughest year i ever been through during the whole high school year. that is when the whole things change. you probably won't be in the same class with your 'best friend forever' any longer. but not to worry because some of them that i know used to be friends with since day one, still be friends even though they are not in the same class any more. it just depends on how things work around you. if it is meant to be, it will be. and all you need to do is be prepared. don't be afraid to make a new friends. you might even want to start it now. 

2. okay, i know most of you are starting to get into relationship during the high school year. at least that is what i am aware of. but you have to remember that your school years are going to be the year for you to be experimenting on this whole relationship thing. but you don't have to worry. it's not like you are pressured to be in a relationship or something. but what i do know is, no matter what. if that person is not treating you well, don't be afraid to leave that relationship to an end. it won't be the end of the world. you don't have to be in a relationship where you will have to think that you are not worth it. most of the nice people always went for the bad people to date with. you know why? i quote here from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, we accept the love we think we deserve. always know that, if someone that you are dating with is treating you badly, never think that you don't deserve him. instead, they are the ones who don't deserve you. be with the one who brings out the best in you.

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however, it is just the beginning. because by the end of the school year it will all be a cringe-worthy story that you will remember any time. it will be a part of your history and that is how you learn to appreciate yourself and how to treat yourself better than other people do. and most importantly, do not be in a relationship with someone that you are forced into. it will never be a pretty ending to that. and mostly, it is totally not worth it. hey, this doesn't mean that you HAVE and MUST be in a relationship during high school. this is all just beginning. you will never know who will be waiting for you (and praying to God everyday) in the outside world. 

3. i am blessed and grateful that during most of time in high school, i had the best teacher i could ever ask for. they are not just a teacher. they are like our mums and dads, sisters and brothers, and even best friends to me and my classmates. just remember that your teachers had sacrificed a lot of thing. despite the fact that some of them might have their kids waiting for them at home, they are still there ready to teach you. so, don't easily throw a hate on them when they are being angry or mad at you or something. they are mad at you probably because you did something wrong. so, never despise them just because they are being mad at you WITH a reason. unless, they are being mad all the time at you without a reason. then, there might be a problem on that. 

4. as i said earlier, school years are the year where you are experimenting on stuffs. and for me, those were the years where i was trying to find myself. well, i guess i thought it was. because when you are in teenage years, you are mostly confused with yourself. because you are in the year where you just outgrow from your childhood and starting to be prepared with the adulthood which is pretty darn scary. and this is the stage where some of you will make some mistakes, big or small. and fear not, my friend. that is how you will learn. i mean it will always go back to the person itself. either they are going to learn from it or they are going to make the same mistake over and over because they thought that is just who they are. my advice is do not afraid to make mistake because at some point it is human for us to err. 

but always remember that not all people will be facing the same thing at the same time. some might learn after they have ended the school and some might not. so whatever it is, we just need to be prepared for what is coming and just be strong and learn how to deal with it. mistakes that we did in the past don't define who we are in the future. all we need to do is just fix what we did wrong if possible or try to become better person than who we were yesterday.

5. don't be afraid to be yourself. because you are who you are and nobody is going to say that you are not. screw what other people say about you for doing thing that you love as long as it is not wrong to do it. people might throw some bad words and you and stuff, but never let it get you down. honey, you are standing at the main stage and those people who are throwing things at you are not in the same place where you are. if they are saying bad stuffs about you, they are most likely to be intimidated by you. so, stand tall. chin up. you are you and embrace it.

most important thing is to have fun. because you know what? most of the grown adults out there are dying to be in your place. yeah, yeah. i understand that waking up early is tiring and doing homework feels like it is a nuisance but there is a lot of other thing to be happy about. think about it, by the time you have ended your school year, you will be regretting those times that you have spent being sad over nothing instead of having fun with your friends that you might not see it again. if you have ever been given a choice to bawl your eyes out over your stupid boyfriend who never appreciates you or hanging out with your friends, choose to be happy. ALWAYS choose to be happy. because you will never know when will be the time you will be at your happiest again. at least when you are in your down moments, you still have something that can make you smile about.

6. i am not a bright student let alone the number one student in my school. i am just appear to be a fast learner at some things (mostly when it comes to things that are related to right-brain stuffs). but here are some advice about studying. first and foremost, never, ever ever ever ever ever choose the stream (for the fourth form) that you do not like. if you hate science, DO NOT EVER step in the science stream class even if your teacher forces you to be in it. you know yourself better. not your teacher. because in the end, it will just demotivate you in the end. just like me and additional mathematics. this is the only forced relationship that i have ever been into in my lifetime. i have to study the subject that i hate and i ended up not paying attention in most of my classes. lesson's learned. i am never going back to that dark alley again. ugh.

another tips that i can give you is to know what type of learners you are. some people are visual learners, auditory or kinaesthetics. and as for me, i am an auditory learner and the most unfortunate thing is i discovered about it in my fifth form. yikes. all of those times that i have spent studying went down to the trash because i didn't even remember a thing that i read. so i suggest you to google about it first because trust me, i am no expert at this.

all i know about visual learners are they can spend hours studying. and they usually use colours to make them remember better. they will take notes during classes and they usually read to remember stuffs.

i don't really know much about kinaesthetics but as far as i know is they can't stand hours long of studying but most of them appear to be smart. they will remember stuff quickly by doing experiments and exercises. 

and as for the auditory learners like me, i was NEEDED to pay attention while in the class but i am not good at paying attention because my mind usually wandered of somewhere and i sometimes appear to be late at picking up things. i usually ended up laughing at a joke 15 seconds after people laugh. yep. but i find the solution to it as i almost ended my high school. as i am the big fan of youtube and the big hater of additional mathematics, one night i decided to search for a video that can learn with. and fortunately, there is this lovely human being that covers all of the topics. i could never be more thankful. i was starting to know some of things rather than have zero knowledge like i used to. so i suggest all of you, auditory learners to study on youtube. the channel is: Y=mx+c. good luck and have fun studying.

i guess that was all that i had to say. i guess. welp, i sure did learn a lot in high school. there might be more but i couldn't think of all of them. i am human. hahaha. also, mind you that all of these advices are based on my experience in high school. but yeah, i hope it helps to some of you. the next post will be my first #fangirlfriday which i am most excited about. hurrah to me lol. so, good luck with your life. and STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS. STAY IN SCHOOL. aa guddbai. 

also, i just received the news of alan rickman's death while i'm writing the post. still, we will ALWAYS remember you, professor snape *raises wand*

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Carpe Librum,

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