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42. #fangirlfriday: Zoe Sugg
written on Friday, January 15, 2016 @ 9:46 PM

haluuu. as what i said earlier this week, i will be having a section(?) every friday called #fangirlfriday. it is just me having an excuse to fangirl in my blog. and today is my first post ever on #fangirlfriday and i'm super thrilled. in #fangirlfriday, i will be posting a picture that i edited myself and just state some few things and favourites by them. so, yeah. 

here goes my fan edit for Zoe Sugg;

i am not an expert for this fan edit thing yet soz lol

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Youtube Account

Why do I like her
the first time i watched her video was when i was 15 (almost 3 years ago). and the first video that i watched was her draw my life video. at first i wasn't drawn to her because i'm not into beauty that much. so i just started to watch her non-beauty video. and i started to watch her hauls and favourites. and growing up as a girl, i finally trying to approach to this beauty stuffs and i got attached to her. i feel like when i watch her video, i feel like she is talking to me. like she is really trying to communicate with me. she is always positive as what she always shown in her vlogs. i know that some of you ight say that, well, she is only filming what she wanted to show to people. and i agree. but that's my point. instead of making a video to throw hatred to someone which is not very nice, she decided to make a few positive videos that can help people to get through their problems. right? and what i like the most about her. despite the fact that she has over 9 mil subscribers, she is still making videos frequently. she is always there, ready to film even though she has a lot of things to get done like her beauty range and books. i like that she is now much more comfortable in her videos. 

Favourite Quote(s):
"unfortunately, there are some insecure people. there's a lot of insecure people. there's things about us that we don't like and there's things about us that we do like. and some really sad cases, there's nothing that we like about ourselves. but i think it's important to know that, that is your perception of yourselves. that is not everyone's perception of you. and you are beautiful and everyone is different and everyone is perfect in their own way."

"i think you never really know who you are, and that's not a bad thing."

Favourite Video(s):
okay, so there is a lot but i'll try not to give all of the videos. 

...and i failed. it's so hard to choose okay. ugh.

Favourite Collab(s):


Zoe and Joe. the suggs are the best keyh.

Zoe and Alfie. you can never have enough Zalfie.

Zoe and Gabby. um i mean #friendshipgoals???

Who do I ship her with:

Zalfie (has to be on the top bcs it's real guys)

Zaspar (but it will never happen)

Zinn? Finnella? Zack? Jackella? (Zoe with one of the Jack and Finn twins. i can't choose.)

so there you go. my first ever #fangirlfriday post. this is fun, really. talking about something that i love love love. i seriously cannot wait for another #fangirlfriday post ahh. friday please come faster, please.

Keep Calm and FANGIRL,

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