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47. Bangkok Trip 2015.
written on Monday, February 1, 2016 @ 5:17 PM

hello, hello. how are you? i'm good, thanks for asking if you do. aha. so, if any of you aware that i didn't post my #fangirlfriday last week, i'm sorry(?) i was away for like four days. i came back on the Friday night and i wanted to post #fangirlfriday but then i thought that it was a bad idea because i was exhausted so i don't want to ruin my #fangirlfriday. so yeah that is a paragraph in why didn't i post #fangirlfriday. also, just to warn you that there isn't going to be #fangirlfriday for this week either because it is the first week of the month. and there is going to be my first Friday I'm in Love post. hurrah. so, stay tuned for that one.

so if any of you are wondering, where the hell have i been to. i went to a place that is not that far but far enough for me to get on my first flight ever (okay, i just realised that you probably would've guessed by the title. pffft). that's right, i have been living for almost 18 years, and i just had my first flight. and i tell you what, i wish i could just stay forever in an airplane. i am hoping that i will never stop flying. there, that's my dream now. so yeah, it's kinda frustrating because the place that i went to, didn't take a long flight. it took only like two hours or so. i mean, Bangkok is not that far.

zoo wee mama. look at that beautz.

i guess you can tell that i am a sucker for nature's beauty. especially when you are a few hundred feet off the ground. i mean, come on. look at that. everything from the sky looks so small. everything looks like paper. paper towns. aha. i have to admit i was a little bit to excited when i was on the plane. as i have always said, i was born as naturally suspicious. oh boy, did i question everything. i asked every WH questions that i could to their dos and don'ts. apologies to my cousin who had to sit beside me for two hours and more. 

as soon as we arrived there, we went to the hotel. but as we stepped out of the airport, a very chilly wind passed through our faces which we thought was the a/c. but who knows we are wrong? i immediately checked for the weather and totally did not expect to see this one coming. 

i mean... all of us expected that it was going to be a very hot weather. turned out we were wrong. and the fact that we all did not packed up a thick clothes with us, we knew by that moment we were kinda doomed. however, we can't control the weather. so... you know now it's important to check the weather before going for a vacation. but you know, i felt like we were blessed. haha. that was probably the coldest temperature that i have ever been, i thought. but wait until it was night time. the lowest temperature was 16 degrees Celcius. the only thick cloth that i brought with me was my pyjamas sweater. because i thought that the coldest i will ever be was when i was in the hotel. so moral of the story is always bring along thick clothes with you, kids. because you'll never know.

despite the cold weather, we really had fun. we really did. the cold weather didn't stop us, really. i think it was great that we didn't have to deal with the sweats and sunburn #blessed. for the first day, we just walked around the markets and malls nearby our hotel. all of the stuffs were pretty darn cheap. also, we were allowed to bargain. luckily, i could control myself from buying the whole mall because the dress and the shirts and the clothes that they sell was all i ever wanted. but i had to tell myself that there was a lot of other places that we needed to go. so, i can say that i was quite a good girl. 

what is a holiday without a sightseeing to their remarkable places, am i right? for the second day, we went to see the temples. there was no other words i could describe the place except for beautiful. it was beautiful. the architecture was amazing. all the details. what i love the most was the drawing that was painted by hand inside the reclining buddha's temple. sorry for the lack of the picture because i used the camera to take a video. what a vlogger wannabe. 

after walking around the temple with the oohs and the ahhs over the beauty, we went to Terminal 21 which is AN AMAZING SHOPPING MALL I HAVE EVER STEPPED INTO. let me tell you why. it is because every level of the mall represents different countries. there were Carribean, Rome, Paris, Paris, Tokyo, LONDON, Istanbul, San Francisco, and Hollywood. it was brilliant idea. and i had to break it to you, my cousin and i went to every level just to see the restroom HAHAHA. what a loser. but trust me, you will never see that anywhere. my favourite restroom had to be Istanbul's. it is just beautiful. that was like the closest i will ever be to Istanbul. here are some of the decent-looking picture of me there;

throw the coins, anyone?

hello from the other side.
read:in british accent.
also, a way to the ministry of magic. ehem.

this is the restroom. I KNOW RIGHT?

this is the restroom in the paris's level. YEP.
bathroom mirror selfie game strong. 

golden gate bridge. 

this was where i realised that this was the closest i will ever be to london. 

nothing much happened really. we then went to After You Cafe and i swear to God the dessert there were all amazing. and beautiful as well. i nearly shed off a tear or two.

i mean look at that. no photoshop needed, am i right?

after all the shoppings, we went back to the hotel. well, i did buy something. now if you guessed BOOKS, then you are amazing. we were walking at the siam paragon and i spotted kinokuniya and i nearly died. i went to Thailand with only two books (Girl Online on Tour and Me & Earl & The Dying Girl) and came back with another two books (surprise, surprise, right?). what a nerd, i know. 

i mean... i can get this anywhere in my place so. heheh. 

after that, my cousin and I went to the night market. and here comes the best part. as we were walking back to the hotel, i saw someone that i was quite familiar. that someone familiar was a celebrity. i instantly knew that i wasn't wrong when his wife walked out of the hotel. and i asked my cousin "KAK NADIA! AWAL ASHAARI EH TU???" and i swear to God we ran to him and asked for a picture. we did get one but he was in a hurry ahhhdjshfdjjkfsdh. i still couldn't fangirling until now. i mean WE LIVED IN THE SAME HOTEL WITH THEM WHAT THE HELL i just dsjfgjdslhfkdsjdhsfjs then we went back to the hotel fangirling and screaming together. we just couldn't stop talking about it until we slept. it was mindblowing because we have been living in the same country and out of all that time, the time when we were in Bangkok was the time we were be able to meet him and his beautiful, beautifullll wife.

okay, enough fangirling. the next day we went to madame tussauds. another day of fangirling. i finally be able to take a picture with my boyfriend, Mario Maurer. even though it was just a wax figure. 

okay, couldn't it be any more obvious that it was a wax figure? haha.

sorry, Einstein. i kinda failed at Physics :P

i have something Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't have. soz.

ok. no more spamming pictures. hahahaha.

after that we went to the Hello Kitty House Cafe and it was sooo KAWAII. had to say that. i just had to, okay? we had a few desserts but it was okay. not as good as the After You Cafe but the cuteness covered it all. 

hello kitty, you're so pretty. k-k-k-kawaii~

 lol i'm not that good in this flat-lay photography. not yet.

we just had to eat the signature dish in Thailand to complete the vacation. and to be frank, it was quite hard for us to find a Halal restaurant. even if we did, it was not that good. but thanks to Google, we did find one (Yana Restaurant - yes, guyd. i have a restaurant in Thailand. sit down, sit down). we had the Thailand dishes. it was amazing. especially the tomyam. I COMMAND YOU TO TASTE IT IF YOU EVER GO THERE. 

all we did was nothing except for shopping. then, shopping and shopping. again and again. lol. but yeah on the last day, we went for swimming. YASSSS. i haven't been swimming for years. i couldn't even remember when was the last time i did. mind you, i am nowhere near a great swimmer. i suck at it. i suck at any sports. all that i can do is stretching. yep. my cousin was a great swimmer so she taught me a few swimming techniques and of course, i failed. the only thing that i could do was the floating, which i have never been able to do before. so i was pretty chuffed with that. so that was all we did that morning. we spent all of our morning at the hotel just before we check out. then we had a little walk around to find some stuffs that we hadn't bought for our family. we also tasted the Coconut Ice Cream YUM. and i had the other ice cream which idk what the name was but IT WAS THE CUTEST ICE CREAM EVER.

the saddest part finally came, guys. we had to go back home. our flight was at 8 PM. and we arrived Singapore in the midnight, 12 AM. the flight back home was better than the first flight. because the flight back home had a lot of movies that I could watch. i couldn't even choose. THERE WAS EVEN HARRY POTTER but i know for sure that i wouldn't be able to finish watching it. in the end, i just watched a movie that i have watched before which is Pitch Perfect. because i couldn't take the risk of cliffhangers. oh, if you were wondering, i went on SIA's flight. not SIA as in Sia who sings Chandelier but SIA - Singapore Airlines. and there was nothing to complain about. the service was good and all. 

can i live in airplane forever?

airport at midnight is the best. especially when it is Changi Airport. i could live there. 

that was a looooooong post. sorry if i ramble too much but yeah. my favourite part was probably flying. it was my first time. but i guess, everything that we do is first time. oh well. it is sad now that i can only talk about it. i am just hoping that i could study aboard. that would be amazing. pray for me so i could get to study in London or anywhere as long as it is in overseas so we can go for a little bit more adventure together. i love this. i would love to make this blog to a travel blog if i could. but i know for sure that was nowhere near possible. i am just a girl who lives in her own imagination. at least it was as amazing as travel all around the world. haa. i am gonna cry now. goodbye.

Adventure Awaits,

also, sorry for the bad quality or bad techniques of photography haha. i need DSLR. like seriously. 

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