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20. Dance Moms.
written on Saturday, January 10, 2015 @ 6:46 PM

at first, i wanted to make a challenge then i decided not to because i am not very dedicated lol. i didn't plan to make this blog post about this tv shows called Dance Moms, but then, i feel like i wanted to. 

i have seen this shows since season 1 but stopped at season 3 last year(?) because malaysia's lifetime has stopped showing them idk why. so i started to watch the season 4 back this past two days online. i finished it ni two days. yep. but i still don't have the chance to catch up on the new season. i have cried and laughed and be mad for this two days (which makes me realise that i have became more sensitive than before).

so this show is about a group of girls who dance at ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) since they were toddlers. they went to a new competition every week and have to perform the dance routine that they learnt for within a week with some bunch of mamas dramas. and these are the original six; 


from the left; Brooke Hyland, Mackenzie Ziegler, Maddie Ziegler, Chloe Lukasiak, Paige Hyland, and Nia Frazier.

so basically they are dancers with their own talents and capabilities. i really love all of them, it's hard to choose which one is my favourite. they are all amazing (seriously, i would kill to have any dancing skills, especially ballet). their dance routine has been taught by their dance teacher who is the owner of ALDC, Abby Miller. she did an amazing job with the routines. BUT she is a really tough cookie. Maddie Ziegler, has been her all time favourite. Abby keeps comparing Maddie with the other kids which is really bad because the last thing a child wants is to be compared to another kid. they have their own talents, capabilities, what they can do and what they can't do. i know she just wanted the best for them but comparing people to let the others down and telling them that what they do is not good enough isn't a great teaching method. she is mentally abusing them. 

and there comes the second season. another girl had been brought into the team by an audition, Kendall Vertes.

 Untitled | via Tumblr

every other season, kids come and go. but the most thing to highlight is during season 4. Abby brought another team with girls that she has chosen during the audition into ALDC. the girls have to compete with each other to prove which team deserves the place in ALDC. the ending is very heart breaking. enough with the Hylands quit ALDC, then Chloe and her mom, Christi, ended up leaving ALDC. even though Chloe won the highest score for ALDC (although she was in the fifth place, she is yet the highest between the three soloists), and even in the winning team, Abby wasn't really satisfied when Chloe beat Kamryn (a girl that she brought in the new team). Chloe even beat Kamryn twice, yet Abby still felt like Chloe didn't deserve to win. WHICH IS HEARTBREAKING BECAUSE CHLOE OVERHEARD WHAT ABBY SAID ABOUT HER TO CHLOE'S MOM. 

i'm still really sad. because some of these kids are too young to handle this, they are so strong. for example Mackenzie who has always been compared to her sister Maddie a lot. i mean, she is Mackenzie and she will always be Mackenzie. she doesn't have to be Maddie to be great. seeing this kids getting hurt at such a young age is really hard. tbh, these girls are amazing in their own way. everything just seems to have fallen apart. the number of the member has been decreasing. 

The girls

those are the ones that are left in the team. but i heard that Kalani (which is also a graceful dancer as they all are) will be in the team in season 5.

it hurts to see the friendships between them have grown apart. but this is just what the media has shown to us and what the media wants us to see. i hope they still do what they do. and be the best version of themselves. 

this is just my opinion, but i don't think it matters because i'm not a dancer. i don't mean to offend anyone. okay. i feel like a creepy 17-year-old-girl who stalks them. hahaha i don't care. the fangirl life chooses me, i don't choose the fangirl life. or maybe i do...

 in case you were wondering, yes, that Maddie is  Maddie Ziegler who is featured as the dancer that potrays Sia when she was younger, in two of her music videos, Chandelier and Elastic Heart, which is really amazing. (please check it out!)

maquillaje Maddie Ziegler para chandelier

Carpe Librum,

photo credits to WeHeartIt.

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