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22. do more of what makes you happy
written on Friday, January 23, 2015 @ 6:30 PM


of course i'm going to find a reason to use harry potter references for my blog post. duh.

hello. it is time for a new blog post yeahhh! i have enter the second week of school. things are getting more complicated and stressful. but there's nothing bad to complain, i guess? at least, on the bright side, i get to study. some other people are dying to get an education. 

what a positive vibe that is. hahaha. and alsooooo, i went for an audition. FOR DRAMA. i have always wanted to be in a play. (theater sounds fun!) but before this, i don't get the chance to. but once, my English teacher told me to act out a scene from a drama that we studied (Gulp and Gasp), and i kinda nailed it. she then said that i should enter drama. so then i did. i took it as a challenge. and i'm glad that i did, because i got the part :D

during that audition, we need to partner up and have to make up a situation. FORTUNATELY, my partner is also a potterhead ._. the world is small, i know. and we couldn't think any situation. so i suggested us to do an improvisation for harry potter. i used my short fanfiction (that i'm currently writing). ooohh sneak peek! not going to tell what was it about, because then it will be a spoiler :P but we did it :) the teacher liked it. we both got the part. and coincidentally, the judge is my English teacher. and now, she refers me as the girl who acted out a scene from harry potter hahaha. niceeee. although it was short, she said that we did amazing. couldn't be happier. (despite the fact that i have found another potterhead) also, there wasn't so much people auditioning for drama. so, there were only four people who got the part. and only 4 girls who went to the audition. 

AND THEN, my dearest (last year's) english teacher, she said that she suggested me for public speaking hahahahahahaha. me? speaking in front of people? spontaneously??  i'm screwed, i thought. but then to think about it, why not? it sure worth the try, right? so, i'm going for the audition next week. wish me luck! i have to give a speech about fame. i have already done writing the text. and i have practiced. but, most of the time i stutter. surprisingly, i did it today. less stuttering. 

i think that maybe this is the way for me to find myself. what i'm actually capable of. other than writing. of course, drama is already a new whole level for me. and public speaking is totally out of my comfort zone. but if i stay where i am for the rest of my life, then i won't be improving. don't you think that we should try and change ourselves for the better? sometimes, changing isn't something really bad. SOMETIMES. also, i can add up my co-curriculum's mark. why not kill two birds with one stone? well, without the killing part for sure. 

so what i'm telling you is, do more of what makes you happy. despite the fact that people will tease or whatever, but WHO THE HECK CARES? it's your life. if you want to tell your crush that you like her/him, do it anyways. if you want to go and create a blog, why not? fire away. if you want to eat chocolate, then eat. don't think about what people say. why do you want your life to depend on what people say? your life is worth more than what they say. create memories, because that's what lasts forever. not only you'll gain experience, but you, too, will become happier. do you want to ever think "why didn't i do that?" when you're older, just because of afraid to get judged by other people? you weren't born to please people. well, i know that i do that all the time. like for an example, i wanted to do a youtube video but i'm too scared that people will make fun of me. but who knows, after i be in drama, i have the courage to do one? right? it's always a step to another level. no matter how slow it is. 

so, screw what other people think. do what you want to do. say what you want to say (not bad things). be what you want to be. as long as it makes you happy. 

go. make a change. for the better cause.  you live once a lifetime. <- ( a fancier version to say YOLO) :P

Carpe Librum, 

photo credit; WeHeartIt.

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