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❝ to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered ❞

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26. Big Bad Wolf Johor.
written on Saturday, June 6, 2015 @ 3:56 PM

before i could scream to myself, i know. i haven't been posting for quite awhile. but that is because i am just lazy. no reason needed. haish. futhermore, i have a lot to tell just too hard to put it into words. i am still stuck with my short stories and all. i think i have to start over a new one. i am feeling a little bit fantasy inspired haha idk.

but anyway, i went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale last Tuesday i guess with my favourite little one {Amira Farain} hehe. first of all, it was a fun day. it was a real unexpected fun day. you know the day when you just plan what you are going to do but it turned out pretty awesome? yeah. THAT kind of day. 

big bad wolf was awesome. i wish i could go there again but i am quite broke at the moment so HAH till then, see you next year mr wolfy *wipes tears dramatically* hahaha but seriously. it was amazing. i bought FOUR books for RM30 only! How crazy is that? normally, i could get only one book for RM30. Big Bad Wolf saved my life as i haven't been buying new books lately. but yay! 

we fangirled like crazy people might think we escaped from the asylum or something...
all because of books

after that, we went to JBCC because we planned to eat dinner outside. so we walked around together. and then, we bumped into these guys...

a day full of ma faves awh hahahaha oh yeah Amira and I were wearing the same sweater hehehe #twinning4lyf. okay back to the topic hahaha, well we knew that the guys were there and i was kinda hoping that we would meet or what. then, as we were window shopping, suddenly they came up to us. i guess you can say i was surprise i nearly had a heart attack. how very dramatic of me. but really though. 

after that, we talked for awhile and took selfie {obviously!} for a bit and thennnnnnn i met my cousin. see what i mean? favourite people.  Amira and I then went to Bath & Body Works. like always, we fangirled a lot. we smelt almost everything in the shop before my cousin came in and told me to pick anything cheap hahaha so i picked the Mad About You fragrance mist. hahaha. she paid for it though. thanks kak nadiiii <3 

we went to dinner before we went home hehe it was seriously such a fun day. thanks to ma favourite people! i looooooooove you guys so much <3 i smiled the whole through writing this blog post. even thinking about it makes me happy. idk sometimes the simplest thing in life can actually make you happy. so do whatever you want, you might create great memories with it, right? so, why not? ;)

Carpe Librum,

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