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recent update :

written on Tuesday, December 8, 2015 @ 11:56 PM

okay so spm is over. now what?

to be honest, it is hard for me to fathom the fact that i have ended high school. whoa. time does fly, aye. thinking about the world outside school really gives me an eerie feeling. to think about it, i can barely handle the pressure in high school so how the *beep* am i going to handle the real world? but that is it. we have to face it, so then we can finally overcome our fear. am i right, or am i right? hahaha. 

my spm ended on the 7th of December, which is a week later than the other students in my school. sucks, tell me about it. we had to learn that one particular subject throughout the whole week. we had no choice anyway. so i guess the last test went quite well? i don't even know because most of the time, my mind was filled with the thoughts of what am i going to do after the test, which is a lot of things. aaaaand i ended up doing nothing, just binge watching some youtube videos. what a life. i also have some books to read (when i said some, there are actually 8 books eagerly waiting to be read) yep. yep. i'm all about that books. 

right after the test ended, my class teacher, along with my classmates and I went to have a somewhat picnic(?) i don't even know. what i do know is we had a lot of fun and food. food matters. being the 'normal' youth as we all are, we took tons of picture. so i'm just going to insert some of the pictures, if you excuse me. 

i'm not going to upload all of the pictures though but yeah. most of us were squinting because it was too bright and sunny. protect your eyes (and skin), lads. 

so now, i don't know what should i do. well, i want to find a job but i don't know where to start. well, being introvert and socially awkward simultaneously are not the best combination, i suppose. i'm just that bad in talking with people. like seriously. i stutter a lot. i have literally 1% self-confidence, or 2.5% if i'm lucky. other than that, meh. i really wish i can be a blogger as my profession. or fangirl. because that's what i do best, not interacting with people in real life.

i think that is it. i don't have anything to say. so long and good night *sings Helena by MCR* hahah good byeeeeeeeeee xx

Carpe Librum,

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