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45. #fangirlfriday: Dodie Clark
written on Friday, January 22, 2016 @ 3:00 PM

hola. we meet again with a post about things that i love. sounds familiar? yeah. i just talk about it yesterday. time flies, huh? but heyyyy, it's friday again. you do know what it means, right? it is time for us, the ultimate fangirls and fanboys out there to let out their inner fangirling skills. yep. yep. as you are aware of the title, to day i am going to talk about Dodie Clark.

so here goes my fan edit that i did for Dodie Clark me Lahv <3

i am really trying hard to step up my editing skills aha

Full Name: 
Dorothy Miranda Clark

Youtube Account:

Why do I like her:
to those who don't know who she is, why? okay, sorry. she does singing and vlogging and all. she also does have original songs that she wrote herself which are amazing. i seriously cannot choose which ones are the best really. you really need to hear them out. but most of all, i like her because her videos give me some sort of the feeling like i am home. although i have been subscribing to her for quite a long time, i haven't been watching her youtube videos until recently. and i regret instantly for not obsessing her earlier in the time. she is just amazingly talented and that is all i could say. words cannot describe how amazing she is. i like the way she talks. i can really feel like she is talking to me soul to soul. like i am not even kidding. i feel close to her. i feel like i am home. is that weird? i am a fangirl. nothing about fangirling is weird. shush.

Favourite Quote(s):

"the things that you don't like, someone else LOVES."

can i just quotes the whole lyrics of sick of losing soulmates by her? hahahah. cause it is just amazingggg.

Favourite Video(s):

Favourite Collab(s):

obviously Dodie and her sister Hedy 

Who do I ship her with:

I FREAKING SHIP HER AND JON COZART (FULLSTOP). i mean there is a reason why an awkward duet is my favourite video. only God knows how many times did I watch that. too many. countless times. 

and there goes my fangirl friday woohoo! seriously. go subscribe to her because she is just brilliant. if you are not subscribing, you really are missing out, mister. i am serious. this is serious. okay, i am done with this. somebody take me out from here.

Keep Calm and FANGIRL,

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