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49. Friday I'm in Love: January 2016.
written on Friday, February 5, 2016 @ 4:00 PM

waddup yall. okay i maybe need something a little less cheesy than that lol. but whatever. can you feel the love tonight? maybe it is not night time but still, can you feel the love? weirdo. but whatever. i don't care. i don't care if monday's blue. tuesday's grey and wednesday too. thursday, i don't care about you. it's FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE. (if you sang along then, bravo!)

it's time, guys. the first time ever for this year. a monthly favourite post. last year's attempt was a massive fail ahaha. there was only one post for it. however, this year i came up with another idea for my monthly favourite post. so, i thought on how can i make it sound fancier and much more exciting than just *inserts the name of the month* favourites. so there's that. i took the idea from the cure - friday i'm in love. i hope i won't get banned for any copyright issue. welp.

the cure, love, and friday image

so i have found that i'm in love with a lot of things this month. so, bear with me because i have a feeling that this is going to be a quite long post to read as i have been doing that most of the time these days. i ramble a lot, if you haven't known that yet. but anyway, let's just go off straight to the post, shall we? (also, mind you that i didn't take a picture for the post aha so i will be taking pictures on google or weheartit sorry)

let's just start off with the thing that i love the MOST. like the most favourite out of all my favourites and it is a book. aha. how surprising is that. but i am sure that if you have read that book, you will agree with me that you won't stop bragging about it. the book is entitled All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. OKAY. STOP, RIGHT NOW. EVERYBODY FREEZE AND LISTEN TO WHAT I AM GOING TO SAY, OKAY? this book is just not amazing book. this book is beyond amazing. or i can say that, it is beyond perfection. so, if you haven't read this book yet, i recommend you to sit down, make a cup of tea and read the crap out of this book. i feel like this book are so underhyped and it deserve more than that. also, there was going to be a movie for this book so i encourage you to take your hands on this book and start reading now. you won't regret it. even i, myself read that book twice. yep. i reread the book as soon as i finish reading the book. i will never want to finish the book.

book, bookish, and books image

see, i just haven't talked about what this book really is about. i have just talked about how amazing this book is in just a paragraph, which i hope that i can ensure you how good this book is. basically, if you have read the book My Heart and Other Black Holes, it is almost the same. ALMOST. also, i feel like the guy character in the book, Theodore Finch a.k.a my boyfriend, have the same personality as Keith in the movie Keith. if you have seen that movie, you will know that Keith is the kind of guy who is different than any other else. he is very random and he did random stuffs, and so did Finch. i have never fallen in love with a fictional character as much as i do to Finch. maybe, my expectations to guys will be as high as the sky that i, myself will never be able to reach. bye, guys. i am going to marry my fictional boyfriend and live happily ever after. 

so, as i said earlier, there is going to be a movie for that book and they already chose Elle Fanning to be the Violet Markey and have yet to choose Theodore Finch. and as the author describes Finch as a guy with a sky-blue eyes and black hair, i think that Nicholas Hoult would be the perfect person to be Finch. but some people think that he is too mature to be Finch. but i don't care. i want him, and him alone to be my Finch. that is it. i will make all of you guys sign a petition for that.

enough about my favourite book. i will never stop talk about it if i haven't remind myself that i still have a lot of things to talk about in this post. phew. so, the next thing i love in this month is, the movie: Miracle in Cell no. 7. okay, this one. i had to blame my friend for letting me drown in tears. my friend, Sara, who i had a sleepover with in my house was suggesting us to watch that movie. and i have heard great things about it. all i heard that it is a really sad, sad movie. and the saddest movie that i have ever watched is I Am Sam. 

miracle in cell no.7 and kmovie image

apparently, this movie is kinda similar to that movie but sadder and it's Korean. and when i heard that it is going to be sad, i was mentally prepared. i thought that it was going to be like sad of a tear rolling off my cheeks. INSTEAD, there was like a tsunami coming upon my eyes. i was like Alice who is swimming in her own tears but worse, i was drowning in it. never thought that i will be alive. i proper cried like somebody just died or something. it was that SAD. so, i suggest you to watch that movie but all you have to do is be mentally and emotionally prepared of what's coming towards the end. 

scott pilgrim image

another movie that I have been loving is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. if you have heard about it, and never seen it, i think you should. however, i don't feel like everyone will like it. because it has a very different concept in that movie. it has like a mix of fantasy, action, musical, comedy, and all that sort of stuff. but i think you should give it a try. this movie is from a graphic novel and it is just well adapted. i think this movie is so underrated, because there's not much people are talking about it. but hey, i am not here to force you to like what i like. 

another thing that i have been binge-watching for the past few weeks and still am now is Dance Moms. i have been rewatching it from season 1. despite all the mama dramas in that show, i love love love all the girls. they are incredibly talented. GOD, i wish i can have all those legs and body and dance skills. although, i despise abby with all my might. i don't let it get in my way from watching them. because, we need to remind ourselves sometimes, that reality tv shows aren't really showing us the reality. some of them are kind of made up. so, i don't care what the show portray the girls as, i still love them. i don'teven have a favourite because the girls are all great and different. they all have their own capabilities. ugh i sound so cliche somebody please slap me in the face. still, i love that show since day one. 

look at that. i mean, DAMN. also, my fav group routine. 

the next thing that i love is going to be cliche so please go get a bucket and get ready to throw up any time sooner. it is my blog. aha. i love that i have decided to start blogging more often. as i haven't been to school for moths now, i think that my writing gets a little bit rusty if i didn't practise it on my own. so, i took blogging as my homework. and i feel like this blog is my responsibility although i don't feel like there is actually real people who truly read my most-of-the-time-rambling posts. if you are one of them, you rock. thank you for reading. i feel the need to improve my writing when i read Hannah Maggs and Zoella's blogs. they put up the words flawlessly and it fits perfectly together. whereas for me, i just threw in words that i think will make it do. 

the highlight of my month is probably the trip to Bangkok. and i could talk about it more but i have already written a post about that in the previous post, so you might as well want to check out on that. all i am hoping is just i could travel and trravel and travel until i don't have anywhere else that i can go to. maybe even the other planets, who knows? i'm a weirdo. talking about Bangkok, i just remembered that i have bought this lovely sweater that i love. it is so comfortable i could wear it everyday. and here's a picture of me wearing it so you can't really see it (but it's a rip off of a NIKE sweater but i swear it's comfy i could make a bed out of it and that is all that matters);

i know that i said that i have a lot of things that i love this month and it turned out not that much. but i think nobody will really give a damn about it hahaha. whatever it is, this has been a really long post. i doubt anybody else would read it until the end if i keep going on about other stuffs that don't quite matter. so it think, that's that. thank you for reading. love ya. x

Saturdaaaay, wait.

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