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54. My Favourite Songs
written on Thursday, February 18, 2016 @ 4:00 PM

music and songs image

hey guyssss! here i am laying down on my bed in front my laptop, typing away some words into a full on sentence which i hope does make sense since it is like 10 minutes past 12 in the midnight. yeah, i put my blog post on schedule because i am THAT dedicated. i don't know why but i have the feeling that i have the need to talk about my favourite songs.

okay here's a thing. somehow, i find that one of the hardest question or one of a question with an infinite answer is "what is your favourite song?" and most of the time, i will just tell them about my current favourite song. it is impossible for me to answer an instant i have been questioned that question. i think i might have to sit down for a few days and write down all the songs that i love. then, i will be coming up to you with what-it-seems-like-a-harry-potter-and-the-order-of-the-phoenix but it is not. it is just as thick as that and when you read it, you will find that it is actually a list of my favourite songs.

however, in this post i won't be only talking about the songs that i love. but these are the songs that actually speaks for me. and you will find that most of the songs are actually instrumental and it is accurate. because sometimes, not even words can describe what do you feel inside, right? the songs that i will be giving out mostly have the lyrics that i found that even myself, can barely decipher thoroughly into it. instead, it will just end up with me thinking about that sing even more, trying to find and understand the lyrics, or what the story behind it. long story short, these are the songs that the lyrics or just the musics haunt me for ever.

and now that i have the song listed on my brain, i just realised that almost all of the songs are the only song that i heard and loved by a singer/band that i am not that obsessed with. (does this make sense?) and being the band obsessed as i am, i find that it is hard for me to choose only ONE SONG that i love from that band. that is just impossible. so none of the song that will be listed are from the bands or singer that i am obsessed with.

i just have to list the instrumentals first.

1. Nuvole Bianche -  Ludovico Einaudi.

this song is just pure perfection. i find that this song gives me a roller coaster emotion. it starts of slow and in the middle it just blew me away. this is the song that gets me to dance although i am not a dancer; even terrible at it. it just hits me in the right place. oohhh, and fun fact, this song is in the movie Insidious. i was actually trying to find the song that Renee was singing with the piano and found this one instead. it is in the scene where they have moved into a new house and found somebody changing the song to Tiptoe Through The Tulips and dancing to it. it was the song before that.

2. Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell.

well, this one, also was a main theme from a movie Requiem for a Dream. the story behind this happened recently actually. i was looking at the synthesia thing on youtube, because i was obsessed with piano instrumental at the moment. and then, i saw in the recommended section but it was entitled Requiem of a Dream and i was attracted by the title. and when the song started, i knew by that moment, i was screwed. just like Nuvole Bianche, the song starts of slow and in the middle of it, it just caused a riot in my heart. and there was this one time when i was listening to the full original version of it, not the piano instrumental version, when i was in the mall with my family. and in the piano instrumental, it wasn't a full version. so when i started to listen to the full original version of it, in the mall, i got chills and i was just starstrucked by it. and i just had to watch the movie which i find it quite interesting. not my favourite but it is a nice movie. i ended up in tears which i always do, so no surprise.

3. Runaway - Dance Moms.

okay, this one actually i don't know what's the title because i found it on dance moms. it just happened to be the song from my most favourite group routine.; runaway/children with guns. when i rewatch the sow, i was mad because in the show they didn't really use the title children with guns and they didn't include the newscast. and i am super annoyed because the dance routine is just amazing and the story behind it just ahhhh. YOU MUST WATCH IT. i just love it so much i don't know why. but i am going to leave a video here.

okay, i just gotta save the best instrumental for the last. i discovered this song from the game Life is Strange that i watched Jacksepticeye playing. it is just amazing. i love the game, i love the soundtrack especially this one. because they used this song when Max listened to the voice mail that Nathan sent to her. and it just breaks me inside. it still does. that is like the part that all part of me shattered into pieces. HEARTBREAKING AF. 

and here goes the song that is not instrumental lol

this song was also from dance moms. when i listened to this song while watching the dance routine. all i'm thing about is WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT???? i nearly cry every time i watch the dance routine. the lyrics is just simple but there is a whole lot meaning to it and i cannot interpret it which is disappointing for me. but all in all, i feel like the singer, is so underrated. and i have heard most of the song by them and it is actually good??? but i don't think anybody will know who they are which is very sad because they have like very good musics. thank God for dance moms. oh and also, the song was also from my favourite dance routine. so i'm gonna leave the video here for you to watch. 

this won't end quietly,
 this will be beautiful, my love.

here is another song that i am grateful that i have mobile data and downloaded shazam because i heard this song was playing in the mall, so i just had to Shazam it. and i looked like an idiot because the volume was very low so it is hard to Shazam, then i had to raise my phone up in the air so it could detect the song. luckily, it did its job. i would be miserable if i can't find it. but to be exact, i only heard the music, not the lyrics. but when i search for the lyrics, i was like DAMN GIRL WHAT IS THISSSS. the lyrics to it just opened up my eyes and heart and mind. 

i had a dream i saw a rainbow,
i could have sworn i saw the sun passed by.

i had a dream i saw the pain go, 
but what i hoped would be my rainbow;
was just a bruise on the sky.

7. All Time Low - Stacy Clark.

i found this song from the awesomenesstv series with amanda steele on it called guidance. and in the second episode of it, if i am not mistaken, the counsellor interviewed a guy, i don't know what their relationship were. but this song started to play when they guy saw the girl dancing. when i listened to the lyrics thoroughly, i just... felt connected to it. it is so damn accurate??? but the lyrics are pretty self-explanatory. but the meaning just got me like... that explains me in a love life at that moment? aha. don't judge me.

if you knew what was good for you, 
you'd stay away from me. 

if you knew what was good for you, 
you'd turn around and leave.

the story about how i discover this song is pretty darn cute actually. i follow this poetry account (@wasitw0rtit) on instagram. and one day, the owner decided to make like a playlist based on each letter of our name. all we had to do was leave our name and our favourite genre. and she dm-ed me a picture of my name and the songs, which i didn't thought she would do because DAMN there was a lot of people who commented on that picture. so yeah, and one of which was this song that got me attached to it. the lyrics are very poetic, and i don't know. it is just beautiful. this song is just beautiful. i feel calm whenever listen to this song.

when the stars are only things we share,
will you be there?

i didn't actually just found this actual song. i actually found the band when i was listening to other song. and then i saw someone uploaded the whole album of the band and i listened to it. i am attracted to the video because of the band's name. (Copeland is Kellin Quinn's daughter's name.)i like them. but i am not obsessed with them. but at that moment i was just trying to find a new song to listen to. so i try to listen every single one of the song from that band. and at last, i am only attached to this one song until now :)

cause i'm in love with my doubt, 
it's freaking me out.

i don't quite remember how did i find this song but what i remember was, as soon as i clicked on this song, i heard a very beautiful guitar arrangement in the beginning of the song. so then, i get the hang of it. until the end of the song. and that find that song just speaks to me at that moment. the words used in that songs just blew me away. and there was this one lyric that just makes me realise that, there's no way that there will be other song who describe it than this song can. i don't know. i just feel that the lyrics just hit in the right place. and i, even used some of the lyrics in my SPM Essay which you will find in my writings section in this blog <-- shameless self promoting. 

there's a degree of difficulty in dealing with me. 
from a haunted past, comes a daunting task
of living through memories. 

this song is just plain big question mark. i am so curious about the story behind it. what the lyrics meant. it just left me thinking a lot. every lyrics just stuck in my head. i can't get away from the curiousity. every time i listen to this song, i feel like i can relate to it but i don't know which part of the lyrics. so yeah. that is freaking haunting now, does it? but somebody interpret it as the couple broke up because one of them cannot follow up with one of the partner's life as s/he is a celebrity? stars and boulevards? i don't know. all i know is just i love it. 

look out, they're coming after us with big guns.
they're only gonna tell you all the bad things i've done.
even if the words they say aren't truth, they've won.
now i'm left here dying in the sun. 

12. Strange - Tokio Hotel ft. Kerli.

THIS SONG IS MY MOST FAVOURITE. i can't even describe how much i love this song. this song is me in a song. when people ask me to describe myself in song, i would give them this song. every lyrics of it. i found this song when i'm trying to find the song from Sala Samabojcow (Suicide Room) <-- one of my favourite song. then i found this song instead even though this song is not the soundtrack of the movie. gurllll, it's the soundtrack of me, i tell you. hahaha. and they don't even have the music video, somebody just make an edit of this song and the movie suicide room. it is so relatable. i don't know how to put it into words. really.

you try to lift me, i don't get better.
what's making you happy, is making me sadder.


don't come closer, you'll die slowly.

13. Stupid Now - Drew Monson.

GOTTA SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST OKAYYYY THIS SONG IS MY MOST FAVOURITE SONG AS WELL. this is the first and strange is also the first. get it? both are my first most favourite. drew monson, if any of you who did not know (how dare you) is actually a youtuber. and my favourite as well. he is a friend of shane dawson. you might want to look drew's channel like i'm not even kidding. he is amazing. he is hilarious. just search mytoecold on youtube and binge watch it.

at first, i didn't even know he can sing or has a singing channel. i just found it when i saw his My Youtube Drama video. in the end of the video, he played piano and i was completely starstrucked by it. he just played it so effortlessly yet still so beautiful. so i just read the comments and found out his singing channel: thepophefakes. and i am grateful for it. his songs are beautiful. please listen to it. he is like lowkey musically talented. i am so sad that he doesn't get the attention that he deserved to get. the lyrics to this song is just completely moving. he also made a video about the song. what the lyrics meant. and you have to watch it as well. it is the most crucial part. because when i first listen to it, i don't really understand the song. but when i watched the video, i get the whole meaning of it and i am just so in love with it.

[i don't even know which lyrics are my favourite bcs they are all good af]

and that's it. that is my favourite song. funny thing is, i just realised that most of the songs that i've listed are just so underrated. when i try to find a quote or chords form the song, i couldn't find it anywhere. by the way, these are not the only song that i listened to. i listened to a lot of songs. mostly by bands. i listened to pierce the veil, panic!at the disco, of monsters and men, paramore, fall out boys, my chemical romance. and i love all of their songs. but i just feel like it's not fair for me to pick only one song from the band as my favourite because there is a lot of songs that i equally love. so... yeah. anyway, this post took me two hours to write. aha. this is why i like to put my post on schedule so i won't get carried away by writing the post. so yeah, i hope any of you who reads this, listen to it and like it? i don't know. i feel like my music taste is different from all of my friends. 

When Words Fail, Music Speaks,

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