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55. 18 things I learned in life
written on Sunday, February 21, 2016 @ 11:17 PM

hey look, it foetus me~~~

apparently, 18 years ago from today, i was born. aha. yep. today is my birthday. weirdly i like my birth date because i found it quite hard to find somebody with a same birth date as mine. so, i think that maybe i should write a short post. mediocre short post. i cannot guarantee anything about how long this post gonna be. well then, i better start it right now.

so, here you go. 18 things i learned in life;

1. if someone doesn't appreciate you or treat you like you deserve to be treated, they are not worth the hurt, the pain and the heartbreak.

2. you make mistake because you are a human. it is normal for human to err.

3. make sure when you decided to walk out of someone's life, do not turn back around. 

4. love your parents. they may not understand you all the time, but they will always be there to love you.

5. if someone say that they want you, be sure that they show it. not just say it.

6. don't let your past define who you are now.

7. if your best friend doesn't like your partner, there must be something wrong. you see what you want to see; and that will cover up all the flaws. 

8. true friends will accept for who you are and never will judge you by your past. 

9. friends fight, that's that. but true friends will always come back.

10. not everyone wants to hear about your problem, let alone care about it. try not to someone solve your problem for you. just let them be just the listener. 

11. try to do new things. step out of your comfort zone. that's how you find yourself. 

12. if you want something, work for it. people aren't born talented, honey. they work for it.

13. sometimes, even though you do your best, it is still not enough for someone else. so take the matters of your own hand. do not depend on someone else too much.

14. when you are promised or convinced with something, always expect for the least. it is hard to find someone who keep their promises. 

15. do not let someone else be your happiness, they will always break it. 

16. people's definitions of beautiful are different. if they tell you that you are ugly, someone else might see you like you are the most beautiful thing in the world. 

17. people often sugarcoat things. so do not rely on the bright side. be prepared for the bitter.

18. it's quite flattering for someone to have a crush on you. but remember, being somebody's crush means that they like you for what they see. go for someone who has seen all the sides of you, and still want you for who you are. 

god, that is all. i feel like there's a lot of other things that i want to point out but i have limited into 18. this is just what i learned. doesn't mean i'm right though. this is just how i feel. i haven't been living for a long time. i still do have something more to learn about. toodles~

Happy Birthday?

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