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love: make you or break you?
Posted Monday, September 4, 2017 // 11:30 PM
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hello. i know i haven't been updating this blog since what it feels like forever. but i'm in the mood to write something and there's this topic or thread that has been going on on twitter that has caught my attention, and finally have had me thinking for the past few hours. the thread was about a best friend performing (is that the right verb?) sihr to his best friend because he got rejected by a girl who happens to be the best friend's fiancee. here's a link to the thread, and you can read it if you like (2)

at first, when i read the tweets, i don't feel anything but sorry for the victim and mad at the best friend. but then, when i read the second thread, it got me thinking. how much pain that he had to go through to act in such way. in the most inhumane way possible that he cause death to someone's love of their life. but no matter how much pain that he went through, it still does not justify his actions.

but it is still heartbreaking, to think that, someone who has been so nice to you your whole life, betrayed you in such ways that can't make you forget about it. it's heartbreaking how it is all being done because of love. you see, love makes us do stupid stuff. some of us sacrifice for love, pour all of our efforts for love, some even would kill for love. so it does not surprise me that when love breaks us, it makes us change into someone that we don't even think that we would turn into. when love breaks us, the pain is overwhelming. and that's how pain changes people. love changes people. when we are in love, we should know that chances are we are going to end up with a lot of pain. even when we were prepared to be in pain, we are never prepared to face the pain.

i'm saying this based on my own experience. not as intense, but still the pain was enough to make me wanting to stop it in a tragic way possible. i don't know what to say. this is not an advice, this is just a story that i think needed to be shared. because most people fell in love. so this is what we know that will come.

so that's love. it can either make you; or break you.

i'm debating with myself whether or not i should post this because it's not as good as i want it to be. 

getting bad again.
Posted Friday, April 28, 2017 // 12:16 AM
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i might need a hot chocolate to cure this shit

i swear to god, all of my recent posts are a bit depressing, are they not? well, i didn't choose to have this depressing life, so... but somehow, things just started to happen. i mean, life. life just started to happen. and i am stuck in the darkness once again. but the scariest thing is that i have began to get used to it. like walking to a familiar place, receiving the familiar feeling of being home. that sounds dangerous, am i right? well, i don't know. i thought when i have found the light at the end of the tunnel, i won't have to deal with this any longer. but it seems like, another tunnel is waiting for any moment, any where. so expect less kids, not the highest. false hope is dream crusher. this post won't be long as i wouldn't want to rub my sorrow in your faces. so, good night. see you when i see you.

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