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getting bad again.
Posted Friday, April 28, 2017 // 12:16 AM
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i might need a hot chocolate to cure this shit

i swear to god, all of my recent posts are a bit depressing, are they not? well, i didn't choose to have this depressing life, so... but somehow, things just started to happen. i mean, life. life just started to happen. and i am stuck in the darkness once again. but the scariest thing is that i have began to get used to it. like walking to a familiar place, receiving the familiar feeling of being home. that sounds dangerous, am i right? well, i don't know. i thought when i have found the light at the end of the tunnel, i won't have to deal with this any longer. but it seems like, another tunnel is waiting for any moment, any where. so expect less kids, not the highest. false hope is dream crusher. this post won't be long as i wouldn't want to rub my sorrow in your faces. so, good night. see you when i see you.

Posted Sunday, March 12, 2017 // 9:26 PM
first of all, welcome... to myself? to you? idk but welcome to my newly edited blog. hah after all this time i have been having some troubles with editing my blog. feels good to see a new design. i hope you all like it, because i do. and i don't care if you don't. it's mine after all.

kayyyyyy enough with all of that. i just feel like writing something. well, sorry for using you when i am feeling like, dear blog. whatever. i don't know. i don't feel that good. is it because of my hormones? post menstrual syndrome? (wait, is that a thing?) but, all that i know is, i don't feel that good. i feel like i'm kind of disconnected with the people around me, or the world even. i mean i sure i had a dream where i was being sucked to another world, but i tried so hard not to let myself enter that universe. i tried to wake up, and i did. thank god. it happened like few nights ago. i don't know why i'm telling you this or if it has any correlation with each other. it is just that, i don't knowwww it feels different. i can't write like how i used to. is this what is it to feel like being replaced with another you from the parallel universe? can i have my old self back?

aaaa i hate myself.

this post is so raw.

but whatever.

i might as well just off with myself.

SHIT. what if i'm starting to get into that freaking hellhole again? shitshitshitshitshit

don't mind if i do, because all i want to do right now is sleep and sleep and sleep.

i can feel the exhaustion, though. the lethargy. i hate myself.

like i said, this post is so raw.

idk, i have lost all of my words.

thank you. goodbye.

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